• Roseann

The people and places I think are #WorthTalkingAbout

I've been asking your opinions of people, places and businesses #WorthTalkingAbout for the experience they give to customers. Customer experience covers sooo many different aspects, so I just thought I'd give you a few examples where local people and businesses are smashing it....

Passion and knowledge

Ok, I'll start with Cheeseworks, a cheesemongers, on Regent Street. Now, I'm no expert on cheese, I just bloody love the stuff. What is it they do well here in terms of customer experience? Well, it's got to be the knowledge and passion instilled in each member of staff. There's a story behind pretty much every cheese and as a team they can direct you to a creamy one, a mild one, a local one, a different one, a special one or even...The One! No matter how busy, they will take the time to talk to you about what you want, allow you to taste a few different cheeses and make you feel like you're the only customer in the shop - even though there's a queue out the door!

Catering for children

Star Bistro is a favourite spot of mine - with or without PJ. What stands out for me is how welcoming they are to children and families. They have the luxury of space so prams and baby/toddler paraphernalia are not an issue and they also have a small but perfectly formed play area. I always feel very welcome and that no one is frowning upon me for having a wild child in tow. Table service is a great help so I'm not juggling menus, kids, coins and toys whilst trying to order.

Mi casa es su casa

Alice, whose business is called Alice Through The Year, puts on seasonal cookery workshops from her (utterly gorgeous) cottage in the Cotswolds. Alice is the Queen of putting people at ease, and if you're going to enjoy anything, you've gotta feel comfortable, right?! From the moment we walked through her door, we felt at home. Mulled apple juice was served and we supped it around the table whilst we got to know each other, common ground was found and we talked like old friends from start to finish. She is just the most perfect host and you'll be wanting to book in for your next visit before you even leave!

Be authentic

Our kitchen is never without a bottle or two of Tubby Tom's sauce. He does sauce and he does it exceptionally well. But aside from the product, what is it that keeps us going back time and time again for something to dollop on our burgers? Well, Tom has not only built one of the best brands (ever), but alongside that he has built a community. He has FULLY embraced social media, been his authentic self, put that voice out there for all to hear has worked wonders. People love him, as well as his sauce. The secret here is to be yourself: you are your brand. And don't forget to show love to the people who support you (one of the places you can do this is social media).

As you can see from all of these examples, customer experience is all about how someone (or something) makes you feel. And the above people, experiences and products make me and many others feel good.

So, as a customer, what makes you feel good? And as a business, what is the area of customer experience that you excel in? Make it #WorthTalkingAbout


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