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Customer Experience Audit with Phai's Kitchen

Phai started her Thai fusion catering business in 2019; so it's very early days but it's already clear that Phai's Kitchen is going from strength to strength. Phai offers private catering, cookery workshops, cookery lessons, supper clubs and pop-up events.

When I carry out an audit, I report on the business as a whole and not a specific service, because of this, I didn't need to try out all of Phai's offerings, I just needed to get a feel for how she operates. So, I decided to rock up at one of her pop-up events and I took my mum along with me so we could enjoy the fantastic food over a glass of wine together.

As a result, I was able to write-up a full report for Phai with all my findings. All of my audits include information aplenty about how I experience the business as a customer, a score for various aspects and suggestions to increase those scores to really wow the customer. Every business has things they already do extremely well at, and I feel it's important to highlight these, as well as point to others in the industry who are doing a fantastic job, signpost to people and businesses who can offer additional support and also recommend books, blogs and talks where relevant.

As a new and growing business, I knew when I carried out the customer experience audit for Phai's Kitchen that it was important to offer lots of quick wins and things that require little or no investment.

One of the things I picked up from both attending the pop-up event and researching Phai's Kitchen, is that Phai has made efforts from the very start to minimise use of single-use plastics where the business is concerned. For example, at the pop-up, our panang chicken curry and jasmine rice was served on a palm leaf plate and our cutlery was wooden, also, for her take-out nights, customers are encouraged to bring their own tupperware containers to take their food home in, in return for free prawn crackers - a great incentive.

We are all aware that protecting the planet has never been more important, and as communities we look to people and businesses to lead the way - to be role models. With this in mind, one of the quick (easy and cheap) wins I suggested to Phai was that she be more vocal about her efforts to be sustainable and eco-friendly. This could be done by adding a footnote to menus, doing similar on the website and using social media to talk about steps she has taken and aspirations she has for future change (I'm very aware that as businesses it is impractical - not too mention nigh on impossible - to do everything at once and that's ok).

I was ever so pleased to see that within hours of meeting with Phai to go through the report that she had been active on social media with a post about her biodegradable plates and wooden cutlery; she also name-dropped her (local) supplier, which will hopefully encourage other businesses to follow suit AND shows that she is keen on 'supporting local'. Get in. 10/10.

"As a new small business, cost is very important, and some of your suggestions were easy wins without any costs involved. This was so useful."

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