About Me

I’m Roseann and I started Honeybourne Line (initially as a blog) back in 2014 as a place for me to share the (very large) part food plays in my life, and that of Kingsley (the hubby) and PJ (the little one) too. Over the years, it has evolved, and so have I (I’ve got grey hairs and wrinkles now for a start).

Now, I’m not claiming to be any kind of expert on food or drink; I don’t know my silverside from my topside, nor my jus from my gravy; as for wine, I just know I like it white, dry and usually expensive! But food and drink for me are so much more than the ingredients served up on a plate or poured into a glass. Sure, I want something to tempt me in, taste flippin’ awesome and make my soul sing or fuel my body with goodness, but for me, it’s about the experience as a whole.

There’s the passion and the skill; it’s the bringing of people together and sharing - more than just food; it’s the setting – home or away; it’s the making and marking of an occasion; it’s the ability to comfort and challenge; it’s the conversation or a stolen moment of peace; the mess, the smiles, the laughter and inevitably the tears. Food and drink are capable of making the most precious of memories and defining an age or stage in life; it can bring jollity to every day and provide much needed comfort in the most difficult of times.

My years of food blogging gave me opportunities I could never have afforded alongside paying the mortgage and all that jazz, but it also gave me numerous experiences as a customer and what I learnt was that the mouthfuls of food and the sips of drink are just a very small part of a much bigger picture.

I have been able to see what works, what doesn’t work, what could easily be improved upon, what has delighted me and what has left me rather wanting. I’ve seen that even at the same moment in time, in the same place, two customers can have entirely contrasting experiences; and how one good (or bad) visit, review, comment or exchange can influence not just one persons’ perception, but a whole army of people through the power of social media.

Becoming a mum was also a huge learning curve for me and I saw so many missed opportunities in the industry where businesses could better cater for and look after families. The wants and needs of this audience are not to be shrugged at, they are constantly in search of suitable meeting places, comfortable spaces and they socialise with an army of other people in the same boat.

We now have an ever-changing and ever-growing landscape within the food, drink and hospitality industry, so seeking constant improvement couldn’t be more pertinent. Standing still just isn’t good enough.

Over the years, I’ve built up some great industry relationships and links which have allowed me to see the other side too. I have witnessed the hard slog, the moody customers, the staff who let you down, the missed and mistaken deliveries, the faulty equipment, the queues, the no-shows, the lack of investment, the early starts, the late nights, the crappy weather and the things you just can’t plan for.

So that brings me to where I am today, having brought all this experience together to help all manner of eating spots and watering holes to give their customers an experience worth talking about.

Of course, I continue to be a customer, I just think of myself as a professional one.


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