I'm Roseann and I help all manner of eating spots and watering holes to give their customers an experience worth talking about.

Customer experience isn’t a new thing, it’s been around forever. It’s exactly what it says on the tin, it’s the experience a customer has. Don’t get it confused with customer service. Customer service is just a one-off interaction, but customer experience is everything; it’s how a customer thinks and feels about an entire business.

Customer experience applies to ANY business dealing with ANY customer, but what I’m interested in is what it means for the food, drink and hospitality industry.




Held in relaxed locations across the country, Honeybourne Line workshops enable you to take a few hours out of your day to really focus on the experience of your customers. Lasting half a day, each workshop gives you the opportunity to see where improvements could be made so that each and every single one of your customers has an experience worth talking about.


Whether you’re removed from the day to day running and just see the figures or whether you’re at the coalface, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees when you’ve got food safety inspections, staff members calling in sick and an order that hasn’t arrived yet to worry about. So, trying to put yourself in the shoes of your customers with all that going on is unlikely to happen, which is where I come in…as a customer – a professional one.

I will carry out an audit of your customer experience. How will I do it? By experiencing all aspects of what you do, with unbiased and fresh eyes. I’ll browse, contact, book, order, enquire, taste, use, pay, leave, come back and more.

What I find – the good, the bad and the ugly – will be given to you in a full report with recommendations. 

What you do with those recommendations is entirely up to you, or I can continue to work closely with you over a six month period to help transform your customer experience. 


If you need some advice or you’ve got a task that will improve the experience of your customer, I might be able to help you. Let me take it off your plate and do it for you (or see if I can outsource it to an expert in the field). 


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