About Me

I’m Roseann, the competent eater, amateur foodie, untrained writer, rookie photographer, nagging wife and knackered mum behind Honeybourne Line.

This ‘blog thing’ started as a place for me to share the (very large) part food plays in my life – and that of Kingsley (the hubby) and PJ (the walking and squawking little one, now affectionately known as PJ-from-the-blog).

Over the years, it has evolved, and so have I (I’ve got grey hairs and wrinkles now for a start). But what I need to share is that I’m definitely no expert on food. There are people out there who can tell you what flavours complement each other, or not, but that ain’t me. I don’t know my silverside from my topside, nor my jus from my gravy. In fact, food for me, is far more than the sum of its ingredients or processes. Sure, I want something to tempt me in, taste flippin’ awesome and make my soul sing or fuel my body with goodness, but it’s about the whole experience.

There’s the passion, the want to provide; it’s the bringing of people together and sharing (more than just food); it’s the setting – home or away; it’s the making and marking of an occasion; it’s the ability to comfort and challenge; it’s the conversation or a stolen moment of peace; the mess, the smiles, the laughter and inevitably the tears.

Food is an experience.

On the blog side of things, Honeybourne Line is my little space on the internet where I (over) share the happenings and mishappenings of our life through food.

On the business side of the things, I help local and independent eateries such as coffee shops, cafes, tea rooms, catering and food stalls to make sure the experience they give to customers is a memorable one – for all the right reasons.

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