Stuff you might be wondering...

Where's your favourite place to eat?
I'm sorry but I can't just choose one, but have chosen a few, right here

Starter or pud?

How come you're not the size of a house?
There are no secrets, no diets, no fads and no restrictions, just hard work through food and exercise which you can read about here.  

How do you like your eggs?
Poached. With freshly ground salt and pepper. In fact, I judge a place on whether they have salt and pepper grinders or shakers. Give me the grinder please!

What's your favourite meal?
How can I choose a favourite meal when there are only a handful in each day? Breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. I love them all. But if you're going to push me, it might just have to be brunch (that way I can work two meals into one!). 

Chips or fries?
Chips any day. The chunkier the better. 

Where does the name Honeybourne Line come from? 
The Honeybourne Line is an old railway track that goes through part of Cheltenham. It is now a footpath and cycle track, and so used by walkers, dog-owners and their furry friends, cyclists, joggers, graffiti artists and families visiting parks along the route. It's a place that I walk, jog and cycle down often.