Friday, 26 October 2018

Local Eat Treats #72 A Firm Family Favourite for Just About Everything - The Tavern

The Tavern has long been my favourite of the Lucky Onion bunch. Sure, I like a bit of fine-dining from time to time, but I’m most comfortable with kicking back with family and friends, in a place without tablecloths (because I always make a mess), and a place where laughter, incessant nattering and a bit of baby babble is welcomed. And that for me is The Tavern.

I’ve whiled away many an afternoon at this place (and an evening for that matter, it’s just I don’t get out much after dark any more). And what with a menu boasting old favourites, like the buttermilk fried chicken burger, mac ‘n’ cheese and the epic sticky toffee pudding ice cream sandwich, as well as an ever-changing seasonal offering and a bloody great Sunday lunch, I never tire of this place. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they go and start doing an almighty Sunday brunch with, quite frankly, some sick dishes on the menu (yes, I have gone all young and cool on you – that’s what The Tavern does to me). Brisket hash with a sriracha hollandaise for breakfast? Yes please!

So, they serve brunch from 10am-4pm every Sunday and they really do have something for all the family. We went to test it out a couple of weeks ago, and everyone came away happy: Granny, Grampy, Kingsley, me (or ‘I’ as my Mum would have me say) and PJ.

The boys, well they were typical boys and opted for steak & eggs. This is a 6oz flat iron steak, served with two fried eggs, that dreamy bone marrow butter they do and salsa verde. You should’ve seen my Dad’s face, he was in his element. I’m not actually a fan of steak myself but Dad kept waving it in my face pleading me to have a bite as it was the ‘best steak ever’. I hear ya Dad, I really do, and I bet it is, but you just carry on and enjoy the whole lot to yourself.

On the side, Kingsley also ordered the chilli cheese fries. I may have mentioned before, but this boy likes chips with EVERYTHING. Brunch is no exception. These are dirty fries with attitude. Feeling a little jealous, Dad then started eyeing up possible sides and so he ordered ‘for the table’ so he claims, a chorizo scotch egg and croquettes, which to be fair to Dad, we did all dive into as soon as they arrived. Those oozy Scotch eggs will always be a hit!  

Mum went all healthy on us and had the smashed avocado which is served on sourdough toast with chilli and pumpkin seeds and two poached eggs of course. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve never understood how people can eat smashed avocado minus the eggs? For me, they’re a crucial part of the dish, without them it’s like having a Sunday roast with no gravy. I mean, who does that?! Anyway, back to Mum’s brekky, oh how beautiful it looked, and those eggs were just perfect. She was very happy.

As for me, I HAD to go for the brisket hash. This was the perfect brunch to have on a Sunday at midday as it basically brought together the best of brekky and Sunday lunch. My plate was loaded full with brisket, the best roasties EVER, jalapeno peppers a fried egg and loadsa sriracha hollandaise. Oh my word. If brunch was a competition, I reckon I won with this one!

Or did I? Because PJ had a right corker too. We chose the American pancakes for her with bacon and maple syrup. Dreamcakes are more fitting for these pillows of goodness, in fact, pillows doesn’t do them justice either, they are so big, they’re more like duvets! PJ had her fix, she even threw a few bits across the restaurant (yep, really) AND us four grown-ups then dug into the leftovers and had a sweet dessert to our savoury brunches. Talk about making our food go far - in more ways than one!

As with everything The Tavern do, I can indeed highly recommend their Sunday brunch. I’ll be having exactly the same dish next time, and so will PJ, just so I can tuck into her leftovers for dessert.

This my friends (or am I just talking to my Mum again?!), is my last blog post on here, I’ve chosen to stick with the social media side of things and do bite-size ‘blogs’ through Instagram and Facebook instead. So, The Tavern have nabbed the final slot on this page, and what an outro. I mean, if you’re going to end something, is there any better way than with a bowlful of sticky toffee ice cream sandwich?! I think not!

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