Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Local Eat Treats #67 What a Find!

The Find, if you haven’t found it yet, has been a welcome retreat for brunch, lunch, teas, coffees and those cruffins from Salt Bakehouse since the autumn. But what you might not know yet, is that they are also open for supper (or tea or dinner or whatever name it goes by in your house) on a Friday and Saturday evening! A coffee house doing dinner you say?! Well don’t worry, I took it upon myself to go along one evening - with my mama in tow - to see if it’s worth booking a table.

The answer to that? Hell yeah! But don’t take it from me, take it from my mum (she’s a force to be reckoned with). She comes to a lot of blogging gigs with me, but never have I seen her enjoy finding out about the people, the place and the food quite so much as this. She LOVED it. So much so, she’s going to take my dad there for a date night (Parents. Date night. Bleurgh.)!
The evening wasn’t just about showcasing us their supper offering, but also about allowing us to use and enjoy the various spaces to show how each room has something very different and special to offer.
We started with cocktails in the Society Room, the perfect space for kicking back and nattering over a drink, a cake or a full afternoon tea. I had a Chuka gin cocktail which is made with British Polo Gin, raspberry, lime and soda. Oh it was good, so good I had to slurp the last bit up through my straw like a kid does with milkshake! They do some marvellous cocktails at The Find including an espresso martini made with their very own coffee blend. I mean, why have a mug of coffee with your cake when you can have an espresso martini?!
And that’s the great thing about The Find, you can go in and have a tea or coffee, but you can also go in for a tipple. It’s a meeting house for friends, no matter what you’re eating or drinking. 
They also serve a great selection of wines including a handful from the Poulton Hill Estate and lucky for us, on this particular evening, Natalie from the vineyard was able to join us and lead us through a tasting of the wines. I enjoyed it so much, I’ve signed up to take part in their harvest later this year. 
For the meal itself, the table was laid in the Withdrawing Room, the space used for weekend suppers and formal dining occasions. It’s gorgeous, relaxed and very Cheltenham!
We had canapes to start, with my favourite being the watercress soup served with a crispy quail’s egg. Wow, the amount of flavour in that cup, I was tempted to go and find the vat of it in the kitchen and dive right in. And then as if that wasn’t enough, the quail’s egg on the side was absolute perfection. 
But that was when the real feast commenced - my gosh! Graham, the chef, is my kind of guy; he sure does serve up a hearty portion, but at no detriment to the quality of the food. I had the braised radicchio risotto with Barkham Blue and caramelised walnuts and I honestly can’t remember anything other than devouring every mouthful. I don’t think I talked, I didn’t look elsewhere or even peep at my phone; I just ate and supped my wine and felt like I was in heaven. 
Onto dessert and I thought I’d chosen the lighter option with vanilla panna cotta with blood orange and a hazelnut and dark chocolate biscotti. Oh my word, you should’ve seen the size of it! It certainly tasted light and gorgeous and the biscotti was a good accompaniment, but it was certainly not light on my hips by any means! 
Just when I thought it was all over, coffees were served alongside the biggest and best truffles you ever did see. Melt in the mouth they sure did with the perfect mix of bittersweet chocolate. 
I didn’t think I could love The Find any more than I already did based on my daytime trips for cake, lunch, coffee and wine; but now I’ve been for supper, I have fallen hook, line and sinker. It wasn’t just the food, it wasn’t just the place, it wasn’t just the people, it was all of those things and more. It’s different to anything else out there, it’s a place to drop into, to book ahead, or to hire for your own special occasion, meeting, party or gathering. It’s a place with a good vibe, the capability to be truly bespoke and people who have a desire to please. 
Thank you to the team at The Find for a very special evening. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, this sounds amazing. I still haven't been yet, but it is most definitely high on my list. Love the bit about your parents' date night ;-)