Friday, 9 February 2018

Coffee Break #37 Pancakes for Breakfast at Madison's Café

Pancake day is looming and so I did the honours and had a whole plateful of them for breakfast this morning. Madison’s Café is my local coffee shop and ever since it opened, it’s been a favourite spot for breakfast, brunch, lunch, elevenses, and all the other made-up meals and snacks in between for me and all the family (we’re one of those weird families who all live within a few streets of each other!). 

Madison’s Café is a family business with Jacqui and Paul heading it up; between them both, they put on one heck of a spread of homemade cakes, serve up a great breakfast and have a huge choice of hot and cold lunch grub to eat in or take out. But it doesn’t stop there, they also do outside catering, cakes for celebrations and Madison’s is available for private functions. What a fab little place to have just around the corner! 
I love this place so much that on the day I went into labour with PJ, I went for some lunch there with my mum and dad. You see, it was all going awfully slowly (48 hours in total), so I thought I’d better get my energy up with a good feed! I had one of their jacket potatoes which they always slather in loads of butter and then followed it up with a slice of their carrot cake (which is the best carrot cake in the county in my opinion). 
Anyhow, back to the pancakes. Kingsley, PJ and I headed up there for breakfast this morning and whilst Kingsley went for the full English (£8.95), I got into the spirit of pancake day a few days early and had the homemade buttermilk pancakes with smoked (and crispy) bacon with a whole pot of maple syrup (£6.95). Oh heck. It was so good, it has inspired my choice of breakfast to feed to my race-going friends this coming festival. They served it in a stack with loads of bacon interspersing every fluffy pancake. If you’re not a bacon fan (does that sort of person really exist?!) then they do pancakes with blueberries instead.
Kingsley’s full English ticked all the boxes and came with pretty much all the trimmings. The price also includes toast and a tea or coffee. It sure did set Kingsley up for the day. 
Being the greedy buggers we are, we took a couple of slices of cake home with us for erm…breakfast pudding (see I told you I like to make up meals and snacks)! I had the carrot cake and Kingsley the strawberry bakewell. 
You really won’t go hungry at Madison’s Café, their food always comes in hearty portions, including their slices of cake. The cakes are almost the right size for sharing, but sharing cake would just be plain wrong, so I recommend you get one each and eat it in your own good time. 

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