Sunday, 10 December 2017

Something a Bit Special #24 Thai Kitchen at Foodworks Cookery School

Foodworks Cookery School in Colesbourne (just outside of Cheltenham), is my new favourite way to spend an evening to myself; well it’s with others, but without my usual parental or wifely responsibilities. Get my drift?!

My birthday treat last year, from Kingsley, was to attend one of their courses, which I thoroughly enjoyed. More recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to their Thai Kitchen evening course, so I escaped the house for an evening of foodie fun. 
I donned my apron, was handed a glass of wine, and took my seat. Our chef for the evening was Dean and he shared with us the techniques and recipes of a Thai friend of his called Manapai. 
The evening courses are just two and a half hours long and are usually a mix of demonstration and hands-on food prep. They always involve a glass of wine (or something soft if you like) and plenty of eating. Some people come with a friend or partner and many come alone; either way, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to natter with others and come together over a love of good food.
On the Thai Kitchen course, we started with a demonstration from Dean on how to make a sweet chilli dipping sauce, a sweet soy sauce and a fresh peanut marinade for chicken satay. He also made the filling for Thai steamed dumplings with pork mince, prawns and shiitake mushrooms. Everything is taken at a good pace to allow for plenty of questions and taste-testing, or course. 
It was then our turn to roll up our sleeves and do some work. We filled the Thai dumplings (Thai sui-mei) which were then steamed. We also threaded the strips of chicken onto bamboo skewers so they were ready to grill. 
We took our seats again and Dean demonstrated the showstopper to us whilst we ate the dumplings and chicken satay. By the way, whilst all of this is going on, you don’t need to do any clearing away or washing up, as they have kitchen fairies (aka hard-working staff) who do everything for you! 
So, the showstopper: A green fish curry made with red snapper from the Severn & Wye Smokery. Oh gosh! It was fantastic. As well as the red snapper, it also had crab meat and prawns in it. Now you know me, I’m not the biggest fan of seafood but this curry was not fishy in the least. It was the freshest tasting curry I’ve ever had, with absolutely every single flavour in the paste coming through in the finished dish. I’ll be using the recipe to make the green paste again at home and shall just mix it up a bit with different fish and meat each time. I reckon even my most foodie friends would be impressed with that curry. So that’s how the evening ended, with Dean and the kitchen fairies dishing up a bowlful of fantastic curry for each of us, before we all headed home with full bellies. 
Foodworks Cookery School put on a whole host of courses, both day, weekend, residential and evening. I’ve got my eye on the Lebanese Kitchen and the Butchery & BBQ. Take a look and see what takes your fancy. Here’s the list of courses

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