Saturday, 11 November 2017

Local Eat Treats #63 Too Busy to Cook with Constantly Varied Catering

How often do you find yourself stood in the Chinese takeaway after a long day at work picking up an order for crispy shredded beef, sweet and sour chicken, an egg fried rice and a bag of prawn crackers?! After demolishing the lot, you feel utterly crap and vow to not get a takeaway for a long while, only to find yourself doing exactly the same a week later! Yep, we’re all guilty, aren’t we?!

Most people would prefer to eat a home-cooked meal, it’s just that most of us aren’t organised enough to get our shit together of a Sunday evening and prep like Joe Wicks. And so, because time is precious, the takeaway wins, every time. 
Now imagine you have a home-cooked meal in the fridge that could be ready in a matter of minutes; said meal would be healthy, nutritious, fresh and delicious. Well, I’m pleased to tell you, that can now be a reality thanks to Ryan and Kim of Constantly Varied Catering
Ryan and Kim have taken ready meals to a whole new level. These are not to be mistaken with their supermarket counterparts which have no flavour, no texture and a myriad of additives, flavourings (which is rather ironic), way too much salt and about as much goodness as…well, as a Chinese takeaway!
Each week, they post a menu on Facebook with a handful of different meals you can choose from. You simply put in your order on a Sunday night by emailing or messaging them and your meals will be ready for collection on the Tuesday evening. All the meals are good to be kept in the fridge for up to four days and some can be frozen for up to a month. 
Constantly Varied Catering is based in Cirencester, so extremely convenient for those living or working in that area. As a Cheltonian, this isn’t such good news for me, but I’m pleased to say, that with enough interest, they have ambitions to branch out to other parts of the county too. 
So, I was a happy and willing volunteer to try out the meals, and Ryan and Kim were kind enough to journey over to Cheltenham and dropped off a bag to us that we put straight in the fridge. Each meal comes in a container with clear reheating instructions (requiring a microwave). One problem...we have no microwave in our house; we usually do all our reheating in the oven. Wanting to try these meals out as they were intended, I ran around to my mum and dad’s house (which conveniently is just round the corner) with a bag full of cold meals, used their microwave, and ran home with a bag full of hot food! 
We tried out a vegan lasagne, chicken biryani, Cajun spiced chicken with chorizo and kale cous cous; slow roast chicken on a chorizo and bean cassoulet served with kale and squash. It’s clear that a lot of care and attention goes into every meal. They are well presented, full of flavour, portion sizes were just right and each and every one is packed with nutritious ingredients. 
You all know I love cooking, but I’m telling you now, if I wasn’t on maternity leave and was working full-time (and therefore a regular at the takeaway again), I’d most definitely be filling my fridge and freezer with meals from Constantly Varied Catering as a way of eating well, feeling good and saving the precious little time I do have for more important things. 
So erm, when did you last get a takeaway because you were too busy to cook?


  1. Thank you for great review Roseann, glad you enjoyed the food. :-)

    1. My pleasure! Don't forget to let me know when you branch out into Cheltenham.