Sunday, 3 September 2017

Coffee Break #36 Three Generations Lunch at Lucy's

In early August, I’d arranged to go for lunch at Lucy’s Café on Bath Road, however, I started having contractions a few hours before and so had to cancel – for very good reasons of course! I’m sure Lucy didn’t fancy delivering a baby along with my lunch! Fast forward a month, and I’ve managed to get my act together (just enough) to shower, brush my teeth, find some clean clothes and get out of the house with Baby Paisleigh and my mum in tow (to perform Granny duties over lunch whilst I snap away at our food). 

By complete accident, Lucy’s was a great spot for Paisleigh’s very first blogging lunch; it’s very spacious with plenty of room for all the paraphernalia that accompanies babies wherever they go. Because of that (and the absolutely delicious food and friendly feel), it’s certainly a place I’ll be returning to when Paisleigh and I are out and about and milk times require us to stop at a café for a bottle, hot chocolate and a piece of cake (I’m quite the expert at eating and drinking with one hand now!).  
Opening in April of this year, this café is still fairly new, but already a popular choice for drinks, cakes (all homemade as Lucy is quite the baker), breakfasts (a recent offering after many requests) and a delicious lunch menu including sarnies, paninis, salads, soup, pasta… 
I spoke to Lucy and her love of homecooked food and great ingredients is clear, the bread is from Hobbs House and many other items are sourced locally too. The soups, sandwich fillings and pasta sauces are all made in-house and everything is served up with love and care. This is no greasy spoon, this is a friendly, welcoming café serving great food without the faff of a restaurant.
So what did we try out? Paisleigh slept (woohoo) whilst I (really) enjoyed a goat’s cheese salad. This was my first bit of goat’s cheese since finding out I was pregnant and my gosh was it good! Lucy didn’t scrimp on the cheese either, I reckon I had my quota for the last ten months in that one salad, and I was not complaining! I enjoyed every single last bit. The grilled goat’s cheese was served atop roasted vegetables, mixed leaves and pine nuts all drizzled with basil oil. Wonderful combo and a small attempt of mine to be healthy, although as I followed it up with a salted caramel brownie I think I may have ruined my good intentions!
Mum had an open sandwich of avocado, egg mayo, fresh herbs and lemon. Take a look at the pics, this isn’t any old sarnie, just like everything else, every effort was made to make it extra special.
There were loads of cakes and slices to choose from, but it was the coffee & walnut cake that appealed to Mum. A wedge was delivered to the table along with my brownie (and ice cream – just to be extra indulgent), and we both thoroughly enjoyed filling our faces and trying each other’s out. My brownie was more crumbly than fudgy with chunks of caramel in the mix too, and the cake was beautifully made with great flavour. 
I am so pleased to have made it to Lucy’s with Mum and Paisleigh as it eased me back into the world of blogging very nicely indeed!
Are there any places you’d recommend I try out along with my new addition and all her paraphernalia?! 

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