Monday, 3 July 2017

Local Eat Treats #57 Brunch at Theoc House

Theoc House, right in the heart of Tewkesbury, is open daily for brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee and cake in between! It’s a great meeting place for all ages; with games to play, papers, magazines and books to peruse.

We popped in to try their brunch menu and were torn between the dishes good for the soul and the options good for the body, so as usual, we went for both. A balanced diet and all that!

The One Pan Wonder (£6.50) got our attention first off, this is basically a fry-up (bacon, onion, mushroom, potatoes and eggs) smothered in melted double Gloucester cheese. I mean, who wouldn’t want a forkful of that?! It’s a hearty portion on its own, but comes with a slice of Hobbs House sourdough toast for good measure. I can see this springing up on brunch menus everywhere. It’s simple, delicious, naughty and well…cheesy. Winner!

For the more traditional option, we also shared a sourdough toasted sarnie of pork & leek sausage with a fried egg (£5.50) and lashings of ketchup obvs. They do a bacon sarnie too but I’m a bit funny about bacon when I’m out as I get quite fussy about how it’s cooked (I like it crispy – and I mean real crispy!).

They do a mean (really mean) Breakfast Bowl (£6) and we chose this as the healthy bit of our brunch. If you’re on Instagram, you’ll know what a breakfast bowl is, but for those who are not, it’s basically a thick smoothie, served in a bowl and topped with lots of deliciousness to make it look very pretty - and of course, to get as much nutrition in there as possible. In this case, the smoothie was banana and summer fruits and the toppings included a rather lovely granola, strawberries and bananas, pomegranates, toasted cashew nuts and chia seeds. I know you wouldn’t believe it from all the food you see me devour, but I really do love to eat as nutritiously as possible and so this bowl of absolute goodness, bursting with flavours, was right up my street.

After hearing they do homemade lemonade, Kingsley asked for a glass (not a traditional bevvy for brunch I know), and really enjoyed it. They also do coffee, smoothies, juices and smoked bloody Mary’s and flutes of prosecco for those wanting to push the boat out.

Theoc House offers the more traditional brunch dishes as well as something a bit different. If you’re usually a Full English person, I’d highly recommend trying the One Pan Wonder for a very tasty alternative. And for those trying to be healthy, you’ll really enjoy the Breakfast Bowl without feeling like you’re missing out. It’s so full of goodness, fresh flavours and perfect for this warmer weather.

Have you seen all those weird and wonderful breakfast/smoothie bowl creations on Instagram?

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  1. Theoc House sounds a great place to go for a lazy weekend breakfast. Who'd have thought of a cooked breakfast covered in melted cheese? I love the sound of that!