Monday, 15 May 2017

Local Eat Treats #54 Pork Belly and Five a Day at The County Kitchen

The County Kitchen is hidden away, just off the High Street, on Grosvenor Street. They are rather well known for their brunches (they’d served brunch to 73 people on the day we went!), but are also a popular spot for lunch and dinner.

Having seen a teaser of a picture on Facebook of their roast dinner, I thought we’d better get in touch and see if we could come and sample their Sunday lunch offering, which includes all the usual café favourites as well as roast chicken, lamb, beef or crispy pork belly roast (as well as a veggie and rather tempting fish option).

Although they do starters, I had a suspicion two courses would be more than enough so we made the decision to go straight in for mains and finish off with a dessert.

I love nearly all roast meats, but done well, crispy pork belly is a winner. So that was me sorted. As for Kingsley, he went for the lamb. All their roasts come with all the same trimmings, including a Yorkshire pudding, which pleased me no end. I usually order a Yorkshire if it doesn’t come with it as it just doesn’t feel like a roast without.

Being a café, The County Kitchen is a really informal setting. You’ll find no white table cloths, but you will get a very warm welcome, table service and food in great quantity as well as quality. It would be my go-to place for food with family (particularly a large group or a group including children) and also for meeting with friends because here you can talk lots, laugh loud, eat well and not feel out of place like some of the more formal restaurants.

Our roasts were served and we salivated (a lot) whilst getting some pictures for your viewing pleasure. It must be said, we were certainly impressed with the amount of veggies our meat came with: Creamy leeks, braised red cabbage, roasted parsnips and carrots, broccoli and green beans (the latter two being a model for all al dente veg!). As well as all that, we had crispy Yorkshire puds and roast potatoes which were a solid nine out of ten.

My crispy pork belly was exactly that – and generous too: Plentiful crackling (so much so that I even gave Kingsley some to try) with tender pork belly below. I mopped it all up with some apple sauce. Kingsley’s lamb was slow cooked (his favourite) and served as a minted medallion of lamb (which he added even more mint sauce to).  

At £14 a head, for a Christmas dinner sized serving, I can promise you’ll be extremely happy with your lot. A children’s serving is half the price and even with a dessert added on (at £6 each) you can pay for it all with a £20 note.

I highly recommend you wear something stretchy and go for dessert. They’re all homemade and you’ll find favourites such as brownie, crumble, bread and butter pud and sundae.

I had the Warm Chocolate and Salted Caramel Brownie with Toffee Sauce and Cappuccino ice cream. It was served, just as brownie should be: Warm, oozing fudgy chocolate from the middle, with a crispy top. The rich toffee sauce and cappuccino ice cream with a shortbread crumb finished it off very nicely indeed.

Kingsley was drawn in by the Halls Bakery Bread and Butter Pudding with Winstones Vanilla Ice Cream. It had the texture of a cloud: Fluffy as anything, and not all stodgy like the ones I cook at home! Kingsley washed his down with a lovely latte.

The County Kitchen is a popular spot, as I mentioned, so although you can walk in and hope for a table, I’d recommend booking, whether it be for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Have you been there yet?

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