Monday, 17 April 2017

Something a Bit Special #19 Poppin' to Stroud for Pippin Doughnuts

We branched out of Cheltenham one Saturday morning to have a wander around Stroud Farmers’ Market, which if you haven’t yet been, is an absolute must. Local producers take to their stalls to sell honey, milk, butter, meat, pottery, cakes, bread, oil, flowers and fruit & veg. The smell of bacon and sausages wafts through the air and lures everyone in for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

Foodies (and dawdlers) throng the market; produce is snapped up from early in the day and every stall draws a small crowd, but there is one in particular with the longest queue of all and that is Pippin Doughnuts.

Now, if you like your food, I’m sure you’ll have come across Pippin Doughnuts before, and hopefully tried them too; they have one heck of a reputation locally and rightfully so. They sell regularly at both Stroud and Gloucester Farmers’ Markets, so they are perfect for a weekend treat. Be sure to get in early though, as they are so popular they often sell out, and believe you me, you really don’t want to go home without.

These beauties are made fresh each morning and boy can you tell. They are like the softest of pillows to touch and they are just as soft and smooth to bite into. What’s more, every single one is filled with a whole heap of deliciousness. Even the fillings are handmade, and they use fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Each flavour is delicate and true without the sickly sweetness that many other doughnuts have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these doughnuts aren’t healthy by any stretch of the imagination, but they are most definitely good for the soul, and it’s a plus that they are made with top notch ingredients.

Some of the flavours you might come across are Chocolate (a really rich chocolate ganache), Vanilla Custard (brimming with Madagascan vanilla seeds), Cappuccino, and also glazed doughnuts such as Lemon & Pistachio.

It’s impossible to choose a favourite from all the doughnuts. I love all of them. So, I can only recommend you get your ass to Stroud (or Gloucester) ASAP and stock up. Buy more than you think you’ll need and get a few for the freezer too. Trust me, you’ll devour every single one of them.


  1. Wow these look so good! I really want someone to open a proper donut shop in Newcastle, Krispy Kreme just doesn't cut it!

    1. We are so lucky to have Pippin Doughnuts nearby! Here's to hoping they expand Northwards!