Thursday, 20 April 2017

Local Eat Treats #52 Bubbles, Burgers AND Brunch at The Old Stocks Inn

The Old Stocks Inn has been on my never-ending eating out list for a few years now, but when their head chef, Wayne Sullivan, appeared on Masterchef: The Professionals and did rather well, The Old Stocks Inn found itself skipping right up the to the top of said list.

Trying my luck, I entered a Facebook competition for some free bubbles at The Old Stocks Inn, and within 24 hours of being announced as the winner, my two sisters, my mum and I had found a date we could all do and booked in for a fabulous girls lunch.

As you’d expect from a popular spot to wine, dine and stay, the staff team are pretty special. We were looked after very well indeed and we even managed to get Wayne out the kitchen for a photo opportunity!

Bubbles were poured and we took a long time to choose from the menu due to all the nattering, as is the norm when you get four girls together! They serve brunch all day long, which I love. It’s never too late to brunch, right?! And it’s never too early to have bubbles (check out their amazing bar in the pics below)!

I was very tempted by the Mexican Eggs on the brunch menu, but on Wayne’s recommendation, us three sisters all went for the burger. Mum was slightly healthier and had a humungous Hobbs House muffin topped with hot smoked salmon, and two beautifully poached Billy’s eggs.

So what makes these burgers better than most? You can add toppings of your choice at no extra charge, none of this £1.50 malarkey for a piece of bacon or a melted bit of cheese. So, cue the sweet cure bacon, Double Gloucester and onion rings. Big sister had all of the above with chorizo and pickles too, whereas little sister wasn’t as greedy as us two just sticking with bacon and cheese! The burgers come with the best chilli jam, and when we asked for mayo, they didn’t scrimp; we were given a pot each. Thank God. No girl likes to share her mayo, but so many places try to fob you off with one little pot between two, three or even four! That sort of stinginess can ruin a whole meal!

I hadn’t planned to have dessert, but the lure of a KitKat bar at home wasn’t quite enough, so me and big sister went in. She had the Banoffee and me the Chocolate.

I don’t know why I kid myself with thinking I won’t have a pud, as it’s fast becoming my favourite part of a meal. And my advice to those visiting The Old Stocks Inn would be to make sure you save room for it. Mine was piped chocolate and praline, aerated chocolate, popcorn ice cream and a sprinkling of popping candy for that extra pizazz. I almost choked on my first mouthful trying to tell the girls how delicious it was only to find my food going down the wrong way, so I kept schtum for the rest of it, enjoying every mouthful, only resuming the nattering when my plate was licked clean. I heard murmurs from across the table that the Banoffee was a deliciously light and deconstructed version of its usual form.  

Although we felt like we’d had a proper treat, lunch here is most definitely a casual affair and the prices match. Split between the four of us, our bill came to just under £20 each which ain’t a bad price at all to be cooked for by a Masterchef Professional!

Anyhow, back to more pressing matters, please confirm my thinking about mayonnaise, it’s not good to share is it? 

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