Monday, 3 April 2017

Local Eat Treats #51 A Meal at (Quite Possibly) the Smallest Restaurant About

There aren’t many places I haven’t heard of (when it comes to eating out), but when an invite dropped into my inbox to visit Gloucester Studio I had to take a look at the website to find out more. Well, well, well, what a cosy, little restaurant. How could I refuse? I was so intrigued!

Gloucester Studio is basically a shed at the end of a garden. But you only have to see the pictures to realise that that shed is actually a Kota log cabin (a very posh shed indeed) in a perfectly manicured garden.

The home (and shed) owner is Kathryn Minchew - aka The Pyromaniac Chef – who has always been fascinated by fire and food, so this exciting space enables her to bring the two together. 

After passing Lola’s sniff test (the teeny tiny pooch) and being greeted with a welcome drink, we took our seats on benches covered in soft reindeer hides around the fire pit. Kathryn stoked up the fire and got it crackling ready to cook over the flames.  

Our main dish was Vietnamese in origin and consisted of twice-cooked fish – salmon in this case. Now, I’ve heard of twice-cooked and even thrice cooked chips, but fish?! I’ve always been told it’s extremely delicate and to treat it so, but our salmon was given the full works: Marinated, then grilled over the fire pit before being stir-fried along with spring onions, peanuts and rice noodles. The charred salmon went down a treat and nearly everyone dived in for seconds.

But for me, it was dessert that I wanted seconds of. It was really simple but oh so tasty. Kathryn flambĂ©ed pineapple chunks, with plenty of rum, over the flames until they started to caramelise. The pineapple was then served with lime syllabub. Oh yes, mojito in a bowl. It was much needed as I haven’t had a cocktail in months (due to growing a mini Thompson) and a mojito is my favourite!

This restaurant brings together everything I love: The food is cooked in front of your eyes, Kathryn shares her passion as she cooks, it’s a very laid back atmosphere (don’t dress up – just layer up your clothes as you’ll definitely get warm), many of the ingredients she are local and seasonal, and of course, I am always up for a BBQ – especially one that includes slow-cooked meat. This leads me on to the smoker, set just behind ‘the shed’, this is where Kathryn makes her own smoked salt (to go with her homemade bread and butter) and of course the slow-cooked meats for indulgent feasts.  

Gloucester Studio can be booked for up to eight people and prices start from £60, but don’t baulk at that, as it does include ALL your food and drink (including locally produced wine). In fact, this is really quite the destination restaurant with many people travelling to Gloucestershire just to try it out. So seeing as it’s on our doorstep, take advantage, and visit for a special occasion. It gets booked up fast so get your skates on!

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  1. This little restaurant sounds amazing. Who would ever know it would be tucked away in the back streets of Gloucester? I've never heard of twice cooked fish but I'd like to try it. I saw something similar to the pineapple in rum on Michel Roux's programme and would love to give it a go!