Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Coffee Break #33 Let's Talk about World Health Day at Kindness & Co

World Health Day is an awareness day held annually on 7th April. This year’s theme focusses on depression and reducing the stigma. So, let’s talk about health…

Health goes way beyond something physical, it also encompasses emotional wellbeing and mental health. Being a foodie, I believe that food and drink can play a huge part in both the prevention and treatment of many health issues; along with exercise, nutritious food is one of the best medications out there.

So what can you do to be truly kind to yourself and give your health a boost as a result? Try taking some time for yourself or meet up with a friend, eat and drink better (not less), move more and get plenty of sleep. Don’t put yourself bottom of the list, make yourself a priority, because by doing so, you’ll have more to give to the people around you.

If that strikes a chord with you, there’s a place in Cheltenham that can help and it’s rather aptly named Kindness & Co. This is a healthy food cafĂ© where it’s really rather easy to be good to yourself because the menu is created by both a chef and a nutritionist.

They do an all day brunch menu which currently includes porridges, cannellini beans in tomato sauce and avocado and poached eggs (which I can personally vouch for having tried it out already). But a whole new menu is coming soon and it sounds even better! They also do salads, a main meal, soup and a whole host of healthy treats and cakes.

We popped in at lunchtime and bagged the lovely window seat where we munched our way through their selection of salads and also had a little taster of their main meal, which was a flavoursome Moroccan Chick Pea Tagine served with couscous. There are six salads available every day which you can have in pretty much any combo – or just choose your favourite one. All the salads, meals and treats are vegetarian with much of it being suitable for vegans too. But don’t worry if you like your fish and meat, because they have protein options that you can add to your salads – which pleased Kingsley no end, so he topped his salad bowl with Lemon Chicken.  

The menus changes on a weekly basis so you can pop in regularly and get plenty of variety. When we visited, our favourite salads were the Edamame & Quinoa, Red Rice and Turmeric Roast Cauliflower. Kingsley washed all of his down with a Green Smoothie and I had my favourite hot drink – a turmeric latte.

Not many people seem to have heard of turmeric lattes but believe me, for someone who doesn’t drink tea or coffee, it’s great to have come across a hot drink that’s delicious, healthy and warms me up. It’s basically milk (I had oat milk on this occasion), turmeric and it usually includes a twist of black pepper, a bit of ginger and a drizzle of honey to add some sweetness.

Of course, it’s good to be kind to yourself, but what I absolutely loved about Kindness & Co is that by visiting, you are also supporting the local and global community. For example, they will be providing soups for local children who go hungry during school holidays, and they are also financing the building of schools in developing countries. This is most definitely a business that genuinely cares about its employees, customers and the community.

Whether it’s before, on or after World Health Day, make a promise to be kind to yourself and pop into Kindness & Co for brunch, lunch or just a cuppa and a slice of healthy cake.

So, will you be giving a turmeric latte a try?


  1. I went in there today and was really impressed – I can't eat gluten so the GF carrot cake was great (can't remember the last time I had one). I can't say I actually knew what a turmeric latte was but will have to give it a go as I don't drink (proper!) tea of coffee either.

    1. This place is great for catering for special diets, so I'm glad you enjoyed the carrot cake. And now you have a great excuse for a return trip - for another slice of carrot cake accompanied by a turmeric latte! Let me know what you think.