Sunday, 16 April 2017

A Recipe for Asparagus Season at Over Farm Market

The UK asparagus season is really rather short, lasting from mid-April to the end of June. So, to celebrate the season and make the most of it, I’ve teamed up with the guys at Over Farm Market to put together a delicious recipe, featuring ingredients from their farm shop and asparagus grown in their very own fields.  

Asparagus is most definitely a superfood, absolutely packed with nutrients and a great source of fibre. It has anti-aging benefits because of all the antioxidants, and this goes for our minds as well as our bodies. It will make you want to pee more often as it’s a natural diuretic, and this helps the body get rid of excess salts. You may notice that when you go to the loo, your pee will have a funny smell. This is because asparagus contains a unique compound, but did you know that not all people can smell it even though they produce it? Now there’s a good conversation starter for your next dinner party!

Cooking asparagus without water allows it to keep more of its goodness, so the recipe I’ve got for you involves roasting your stems. All of the ingredients for this recipe can be picked up at Over Farm Market, even down to the oil for pan-frying and the butter to add to the crushed potatoes.

Family and friends will love this recipe, and not only can you tell them how nutritious it is, it’s also seasonal (be sure to use Jersey Royal potatoes) and even comes with its own talking point!!!

Just a tip before you start, to get rid of the woody ends on asparagus without any excess wastage, just hold the stems towards the end and bend them. They will automatically snap off in the right place, so no need for chopping or guess work.

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