Monday, 6 March 2017

Something a Bit Special #17 A Visit to Fillet & Bone (Followed by a Delicious Lunch at Huxleys)

Later this month, Fillet & Bone opens up in Chipping Campden (subject to all the work being completed on time). So a few weeks back, I went out to visit the people behind the business, had a nosy around and found out about the exciting plans they have.

So what is Fillet & Bone? Well, it’s going to be a foodie hub, the go-to place for fresh, local and seasonal produce. As the name suggests, there will be a butchery and a fish counter, as well as that, there will be cheese and other dairy products, fruit and veg, bread, coffee, some select alcoholic tipples and other (carefully curated) groceries.  

Pat and Chris, the directors, have moved from Birmingham to Chipping Campden and already love their new life in the country. They have made their home just above the shop, so they really are living and breathing their new business. Working with them, is the rather marvellous, Barry ‘Food-By-Bazza’ Hancox, who will be managing the retail side of the business. I am so pleased about this, because Barry is a big foodie (who really does know his stuff), and he’s also a people person, so I can’t think of anyone better to be fronting the business.

Fillet & Bone is very much a work in progress and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished shop. There’s also plenty of future potential, as in a previous life, this building was a butchers, so there are animal pens and a (now defunct) abattoir just out the back, and I for one, am excited so see what they will do with all this space.  

After a tour, we headed over to Huxleys for a gorgeous lunch cooked by Marco. Starting with bubbles, meatballs, mushrooms in a Taleggio sauce, antipasti and bread, followed by seafood risotto, mussels and two pasta dishes, made with ‘proper’ pasta.  

I’m looking forward to the opening of Fillet & Bone, as we do love to visit Chipping Campden, and now we can use it as an excuse to fill up the fridge with loads of local produce.   

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