Monday, 27 February 2017

Local Eat Treats #50 A Belly Busting Bloggers' Brunch at Bottle of Sauce

The Bottle of Sauce has certainly earned itself a good name during its short time here in Cheltenham. Well known for its burgers, pizzas, wings and fries which you can read about here, they are now super keen to get word out about their brunch game too; so, we willingly went along to their bloggers' brunch to eat (and snap) away.

The menu blends some great breakfast favourites (like the full English or for the slightly more health conscious there’s avocado and poached eggs on toast) with some new additions that have been given The Bottle of Sauce twist. They’ve taken breakfast items like bubble & squeak and sausages and made them into burgers called The Big Squeak and Morning Glory (The Big Squeak will definitely be what I try on my next visit). They also have a couple of ridiculously good sides – but I’ll tell you more about that later.

Okay, before I go into the detail about what we ate, let me just warn you that when you go to (food) blogger events, it’s completely normal to order not just for yourself, but for ‘the table’ also. We blame it on the need for pictures of everything, but really, if we are completely and utterly honest, we are all just plain greedy!

I ordered the Boss Man breakfast which is The Bottle of Sauce version of the full English and comes with all the usual suspects. Upon ordering, I was asked how I would like my eggs, so I replied with ‘gooey’, only for the guy to laugh at me and explain that he meant fried, poached or scrambled…oh dear, and I call myself a foodie! I also said I’d like my bacon to be crispy and they got it spot on; it was snappable, which is exactly the way I like it.  My only complaint with mine was that I seemed to get a rather stingy portion of beans, but it wasn’t a problem, as I simply asked for more, and our waiter kindly obliged. In fact, it has to be said, on all our visits to The Bottle of Sauce, every single staff member has always been fantastic; they are upbeat, friendly and passionate about what they do. It makes such a difference.

We ordered Breakfast Fries which are one of the epic sides for ‘the table’. These are deliciously crisp fries (believe it or not), topped with crispy bacon bits and two fried eggs. Oh me, oh my. Kingsley ordered the Buttermilk Pancakes with rum roasted pineapple and whipped coconut cream, so I knew, or at least thought, I could enjoy my brunch at a leisurely pace, tucking into the fries every few bites or so. However, after a couple of minutes, I went to take my first taste of the Breakfast Fries only to find a handful of them left with just one little remnant of what I believe was once a fried egg. I looked at Kingsley and gave him what for, to which he replied:

‘But I thought we were eating the savoury stuff first and then moving onto the sweet.’

Well, I had to give it to him, he had a plausible reason, it’s just that it wasn’t one we’d discussed that morning. But at least I know that the Breakfast Fries were good – even if I didn’t get to taste them myself!

As for Kingsley’s pancakes, he especially liked the bitter rum pineapple with the sweetness of the cream, it could’ve just done with an extra dollop of the stuff.

I can imagine this place being rammed out most mornings (especially on the weekends). I’ve already planned my next visit which will be to load up before a day at the races in March.

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