Monday, 30 January 2017

Coffee Break #32 In The Pink on a Very Rainy Day

Pink Vintage is on my route into town, so I’ve passed by uncountable times. The window is full of edgy vintage items – apart from in March when they have a (winning) Gold Cup display.

On this particular day, it wasn’t just raining, it was absolutely bucketing down. In fact, my ballerina pumps never did recover from the deluge. This was definitely a good afternoon for sitting in the warm, eating cake, nattering away and ignoring the outside world.

Sara (who writes at All Aboard the Skylark ) was my eating and drinking partner for the afternoon and what an afternoon it turned out to be. As soon as we walked through the door and admired the cakes we were welcomed by Paul and Silvia – what fabulous hosts.

I took a little longer to settle on a cake than I did my drink; I was wet and cold (sorry to keep banging on about it, but I really was) so there was only one choice for me: Boozy hot chocolate (where a shot of Bailey’s is poured in). Sara chose a slice of the Sensational Salted Caramel (and it really was) and I went for Delicious Raspberry Shard Chocolate Devils Cake.
Now, I’m usually more a rustic-cake-girl than a fancy-pants one, as they can so often be a prime example of style over substance, but not these ones. They truly lived up to their sensational and delicious names. Silvia, uses the very best ingredients, the sponge is moist and the flavours are incredible.

Hiding away from the rain, we enjoyed Pink Vintage so much that we decided to stay for another drink. This is far from your usual coffee shop as they are licensed so we made the switch from the hot drinks to an ice cold glass of prosecco each. Also, I should mention that whilst we sat and nattered away, people were browsing the shop, as this is also a place to come to find gifts and quirky items for your home!

What a way to spend a wash-out of a Saturday afternoon! Bubbles, Bailey’s and beautiful cakes.

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