Monday, 16 January 2017

Coffee Break #31 Back on My Old Stomping Ground at School House Café

There’s a new Café in St Paul’s, an area of Cheltenham, which thanks to its student population, is going through a bit of redevelopment. School House Café is built in the lobby of what was once St Paul’s school; the school closed in 1980 and has since been used by the church. When I was little, it was actually my playgroup, and where the café is located is in the same area I would have once hung up my coat on my peg.  

So when I saw on Instagram that the space was being turned into a café, I knew I had to visit. I set up a date with my yogi friend Sophie and we met one Saturday morning for a catch-up, cake and coffee.

What appealed to me on Instagram was the décor. It’s clean, simple yet industrial with some great reconditioned pieces and…fairy lights of course. I am really fond of the style of a craftsman called Tobias George, and you can tell he has been involved in this project with a few signature touches here and there.

As a community café, they are focussed on the needs of the area and those they work with. The coffee is better than fair trade, it’s direct trade, and the cakes and slices are all made by Emma Alexandra Cakes, a local business.

It’s the perfect space to go with a friend, but I can also see myself rolling up with a good book to take some time out for myself or a laptop and getting some work done whilst supping on a good coffee and having a bacon butty or a piece of their amazing Millionaire’s Shortbread.   

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