Monday, 19 December 2016

The Bestest #6 At Its Fastest

This time of year is super busy: What with buying pressies, wrapping them, putting up the Christmas decs, attending parties and nursing hangovers. All of that leaves very little time for food (although somehow we manage to consume more during December than any other time). If you’re anything like me, you’ll need something a little more substantial than the Galaxy Caramels plucked from a tub of Celebrations, so I’ve found the best local places serving up good food in double quick time. So, you can have your cake, eat it and go to the ball!

First up, is Simpsons for a bag (or I should say box) of their fish and chips. They’re not just the best in my humble opinion, they have actually been named as the UK’s best fish and chip shop. They focus on sustainability and really good ingredients. If fish isn’t your thing, they do a bloody good battered halloumi and I can personally vouch for their fish finger butties too. I’ve written a number of blog posts on Simpsons but here's just one of them if you want to find out more about them: Local Eat Treats #1 Aye Aye Yippee, Going to the Chippy.

Fat Toni's do the best pizzas in the county. Their pizza bases are made with sourdough and are all hand-stretched. Each topping is carefully chosen and ethically sourced. What’s more, their pizzas come in two sizes: Normal and Mahoosive. The latter being 20 inches in diameter - perfect for this time of year to share with family and friends who pop-in to visit. You can find more about our epic pizza from Fat Toni’s here.

Whilst doing the Christmas shopping in Cheltenham, Paparrito’s is the perfect place to stop for a burrito. You can eat on the go, but I always tend to make quite a mess, so you might want to grab a table in there and just take ten minutes to rest your feet, put down the shopping bags and enjoy your food. As far as fast-food goes, I’d say this is your ‘healthy’ option. It’s all made fresh and you have the choice of wholemeal wraps and rice too. Of course, once you top it all with lashings of cheese and sour cream the last sentence may not apply. To read more about Paparrito’s just click here.

Another great option whilst you’re doing the shopping is Real Burger who have just moved to a new place on Winchcombe Street allowing them to have some seating too. As the name suggests, this place does real burgers using 100% pure, grass-fed Gloucestershire beef, finest chicken fillets and freshly baked bread; they also hand cut all of their chips. There are loads of burgers to choose from with my personal favourite being the P.B.J which has peanut butter, raspberry jam, bacon and hot sauce in it - it’s a party in the mouth. To find out more about Real Burger you can read this blog post.

I hope these recommendations save you some time over the next week – although I apologise they may not do your waistband any favours.

All that is left for me to say now is that I hope you have a very happy and food-filled Christmas with your nearest and dearest.

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