Monday, 12 December 2016

Local Eat Treats #46 Burritos at Paparrito’s

Paparrito’s hit the Cheltenham fast-food scene a while back, wanting to offer something a wee bit healthier than the usual fat-laden takeaways to those on the run. Since then, they’ve gotten themselves a huge following of burrito-loving people, their menu has grown (just a tiny weeny bit) and they’ve even had a make-over.

So, what do they do?

They serve burritos – obviously – and tacos. Each one is fully loaded with meat, rice, beans, salsas, salad and the extra (but oh so necessary) bits like sour cream and cheese. And when I say fully loaded, I really do mean it. The team have got serious wrapping skills; if I tried fitting all of that into one flour tortilla, it’d be a complete and utter mess.  

Luckily, being on the customer side of the counter, I didn’t need to wrap and roll, so my burrito looked mighty fine. Mine started with a wholemeal flour tortilla which then got filled with brown rice, grilled chicken (other choices are chargrilled beef steak braised beef, braised pork or tofu), pinto and black beans, their medium salsa and loads of sour cream, Monterey Jack cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Kingsley had the house burrito, aptly named Papa Burrito. This is chicken, chilli beef, chorizo, salsa, cheese and crushed tortilla chips, all wrapped in a folded flour tortilla and then grilled.

We got seated and both burritos looked so good that we actually decided to cut each of them in half and share. And boy am I glad we did. I loved the crispiness of the grilled burrito – and the melted cheese, but there’s something about having ALL the fillings in the traditional burrito too.

If you are one of the very few people in Cheltenham who are yet to try Paparrito’s it’s also available to order via Deliveroo so you needn’t even leave the house!

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