Monday, 5 December 2016

Local Eat Treats #45 Indulging in the Base with the Fattest Fat Toni’s

If you’re from London or you frequent the capital, you’ll know about a pizza place called Franco Manca. They do the whole sourdough base thing and they do it well, but here in Gloucestershire we do it even better, thanks to Fat Toni’s.

Currently, Fat Toni’s are just in Gloucester, Cam and Stroud, but I’ve heard a little rumour they might be coming to Cheltenham and I hope to God it’s true, because although Gloucester’s just the other side of the dual carriageway, with a pizza on the passenger seat, that’s way too far!

So what makes it so damn good?

Sourdough base is the only way forward where pizza’s concerned. It has a deliciously crisp and airy finish, and if you want to go one step beyond the fantastic San Francisco base, Fat Toni’s also has ‘The Ischia’ base. Ischia is a volcanic island in the bay of Naples and the sourdough starter is the most sought after in the world!

Every base is hand-stretched and then topped with more carefully chosen (and ethically sourced) deliciousness. What’s more, their pizzas come in two sizes: Normal and Mahoosive. The latter being 20 inches in diameter! Without needing to get the tape measure out, take it from me, it’s enough to feed three fatties (that’s us!), four normal people or eight skinny minnies!

Dante’s Inferno is the name for the spicy pizzas. There are four choices of toppings, with each level getting hotter and hotter. We both settled on level three – as we love a bit of heat - with mozzarella, tomato sauce, Fat Toni’s meatballs, pepperoni, sautéed mushrooms and ghost chilli drizzle. Had we not agreed, it wouldn’t have been a problem because at Fat Toni’s they will put up to four different toppings on the pizzas so that all the family can have exactly what they want – no need for compromise!

There is only one downside to Fat Toni’s and that is it only opens from 6pm, so please do excuse the dark photographs – these winter nights are no good for us food bloggers and our cameras.

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