Monday, 17 October 2016

Something a Bit Special #15 The Locally Sourced Breakfast Sandwich

Being a true Cheltenham girl, I love a day out at the horseracing, starting with a hearty breakfast with family and friends. For The Festival in March, my guests had asked for a breakfast sandwich (because I host the sort of people who know what they want and aren’t afraid to tell me), so I set about sourcing the very best ingredients I could find – and not just from anywhere, I wanted to support local people and producers and see what our county (and just a bit further afield) could offer.

So, I’d like to share with you the component parts of my locally sourced Cheltenham Breakfast Sandwich…

I’ll start with the bread because it’s nigh on impossible to have a sandwich without it and there was only ever going to be one place to get the bread from: The Sandwich Box. Dom Salter is really talented and you can read more about his bread and The Sandwich Box on this blog post here. Everyone knows, bread is best fresh, so this I purchased on the morning of the races and picked up a couple of the Seeded Sourdough loaves. The pictures say everything I need to about this bread – perfect!

On to the bread goes the butter and for this I chose Cotswold Butter. This is made with fresh cream and the only additional ingredient is a pinch of sea salt, resulting in a really rich and creamy taste. Cotswold Butter are based in Broadway and I am particularly keen to get a retailer in Cheltenham to stock it so that we can have this amazing butter in our fridge on a regular basis.

So now onto the meat, starting with the sausages, because we already have a favourite ‘sausage place’ and that is The Gloucester Sausage Co. They do a whole range of sausages, but for this, we picked up their Original Gloucester which is a jumbo sausage made with Gloucester Old Spot and blended with herbs and apple. The Old Spots are kept by Ed, one of the owners.

The Gloucester Old Spot streaky bacon was a bit harder to source, so rather than trawling the county myself, I got the ever so helpful Jeff from the Winchcombe Burger Company (which has now sadly stopped trading) to do the hard work for me and he found the tastiest bacon we’ve ever come across. He sourced it from The Butts Farm Rare Breeds in South Cerney and it crisped up perfectly – you can’t have stringy, undercooked bacon in a sandwich.

Cackleberry Farm is where the Cacklebean eggs come from; it’s near Stow-on-the-Wold where their rare breed flocks live entirely free range. They are very active on Instagram – Paddy and Steph that is, not the hens – and it’s wonderful to see the hens strutting their stuff all over the farm. The eggs are pure white and not only do they look pretty special, they taste pretty spectacular too.

The eggs were fried up by one of my guests (as it turns out I’m not too good at it under pressure) using Cotswold Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil which we have now switched to permanently rather than using olive oil.

Finally, you can’t have a breakfast sandwich without ketchup or brown sauce, so we got hold of the best ones out there, from Daylesford Farm Shop. Now although Kingham is classed as local to me, it’s erm…about an hour away; so rather than paying the postage, I got my London-based friend to buy them for me from one of their other locations and whilst I was in London for work, I was able to collect them from her.

This breakfast got top marks from all my guests – and me - but I’d expect nothing less from a sandwich where every single component is of the best quality and sourced especially for the occasion. The only downside of the sandwich is that although it’s all about celebrating local produce, there’s quite a few miles involved in gathering it all, so if someone out there could stock all of these products all under one roof, that’d certainly be much appreciated by me and many other race-goers (or just breakfast eaters).

Will you take on the local breakfast sandwich challenge? It’s a good ‘un!

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