Monday, 3 October 2016

Local Eat Treats #41 Sunday Lunch at Montpellier Lodge

We haven’t had a roast dinner for ages; it seems more of a cold weather thing than something for long and hot summer days. So, what with this new nip in the air, we booked into Montpellier Lodge to welcome Autumn.

We felt rather lucky to book a table just the day before, as this place is usually full to the brim for Sunday lunch service. Take note and do book well in advance if you are planning to visit.

With two courses for £20 (or three for £25), we skipped starters - although they did look rather tempting – and went straight in for the main event. Seeing pappardelle on the menu, I nearly binned the idea of Sunday roast; nearly, but not quite. Instead, we flipped a coin to decide who got which roast – beef or pork.  

Kingsley won the toss with rare roasted Aberdeen Angus beef and I took – a not too shabby – second choice with the roast shoulder of Old Spot Pork (with crackling and apple sauce). And of course, I ordered a Yorkshire pudding to go with mine, as those fluffy pillows of batter taste good with any roast – or even on their own dunked in gravy!

The roasts arrived and I was super pleased to see cauliflower cheese and buttery greens accompanying them. As expected, Kingsley’s beef won on the meat front. My pork was a little too fatty for my liking, but of course, I did get the bonus of having a couple of morsels of delicious crackling. I also pinched a few forkfuls of beef from under Kingsley’s nose. So really, I got the best of both worlds.

Also, that Yorkshire pudding - and yes I am an expert in the field - was spot on. It was big, fluffy, soft in all the right places and crisp around the edges too. And who knew buttery greens could be noteworthy?! Well in this case, they most definitely were!

Plates scraped clean, we had a ten minute breather and then chose our desserts. The cinnamon ice cream took Kingsley’s fancy (a delicious nod to autumn by the way); as for me, I was torn between the chocolate delice and the cheeses. I was really impressed to see cheese as an option without a supplement being charged. Despite that, I still went for the chocolate which was served with raspberry sorbet, chocolate soil and raspberry jelly. You don’t need to hear it from me to know that chocolate and raspberry is a great combination, and every last bit of this dessert just melted on my tongue. If the chocolate had been a touch darker, it would have been even better.

You know, I’m going to welcome Autumn with open arms, because if every Sunday can be like today, then that’s most definitely a good thing.

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