Monday, 24 October 2016

Coffee Break #30 Nursing a Cold at Campden Coffee Company

To celebrate our first wedding anniversary we had a right treat lined up at Cotswold House Hotel with a visit to the spa, dinner, drinks and an overnight stay. There won’t be a blog post, as I honoured our romantic weekend by not allowing the camera to join us at the dinner table, but I did manage to sneak it out to lunch with us earlier on in the day.

We arrived into Chipping Campden just in time for a bite to eat and headed for Campden Coffee Company for something simple, as we knew we’d be getting the fine-dining treatment just a few hours later.

Campden Coffee Company is tucked just off the main thoroughfare and is in the Old Silk Mill – which is worth a visit on its own merit just to visit the rather lovely Hart silversmiths.

The coffee shop is kitted out with comfy sofas, large wooden tables, a counter full of pastries and cakes and walls full of local artwork for sale.

I have a thing for window-seats, so we took a pew and chose our lunch. They serve salads, sandwiches, toasties, pies, sausage rolls, quiches, soups and the like. So there was certainly plenty for us to choose from.

I had a really untimely cold (not that they are ever convenient), so was pleased to see they had a fresh lemon, ginger and honey tea to help me on my way to health, and to fill my tummy, I had the Roasted Vegetable Quiche which is made locally by The Cotswold Farmer and is served with salad and bread. It sure was a fabulous quiche but disappointingly to spread on my bread, I was given a pot of margarine rather than proper butter. The latter would have gone down a lot better.

Kingsley had a flat white and a monster of a lunch with the Roast Chicken & Grilled Bacon Toasted Sandwich. There was definitely no scrimping on the meat, and it kept him full until dinner time. He didn’t let me have a bite, but it did look delicious and it launched us into a conversation about those toastie machines everyone once owned that would make shell-like pockets full of – in my case – baked beans and cheese oozing out the sides! I might have to delve to the back of Mum’s cupboards to pull it out and have a nostalgic lunch one day this week!

Campden Coffee Company is great for meeting with friends – and groups of them too. They have a few large tables, so you won’t need to re-arrange the furniture to all grab a seat together. Ooh I didn’t mention, but they are also dog-friendly, so if you have a furry pal, they can enjoy the coffee shop too.

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