Monday, 19 September 2016

Something a Bit Special #14 Hot Sauce with Swagger

Beyoncé sang about carrying hot sauce in her bag and believe you me, after trying Tubby Tom’s sauces and seasonings, you’ll be wanting to heed her advice.

We met Tom at the Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival earlier this year and walked away with a bottle of his pineapple hot sauce called ‘Nuff Love’ to try. We are both rather partial to a bit of spice anyhow, but this bottle surprised us with the amount of flavour it packed alongside the heat. Since then, we’ve been back and forth to Over Farm Market to keep stocked up, because it’s a staple ingredient in our house now.

You can (and we do) shake, dip, dollop, cook, spread and drizzle Tubby Tom’s over pretty much anything in the kitchen and if you are stuck for ideas there’s a few recipes (including one from little old me) right here.

So one day, because we are such fans, we decided to have a Tubby Tom’s feast and cooked up a couple of his recipes. We decided to go for an incredibly unhealthy theme starting with a burger. There is actually a delicious sounding recipe for a Smokey Burger with Maple Bacon right here, but we cheated with a ready-made burger from Winchcombe Burger Company and topped it with…hot sauce! To accompany that we made these Halloumi Fries and also Homemade BBQ Beans. Our mouths were left tingling and our tummies full for a good number of hours. I may never go back to normal fries again and the beans were super scrummy with their deep BBQ flavour; they’d go great with some slow-cooked meats.

If I’ve tempted you to give Tubby Tom’s a go – because everyone needs halloumi fries in their life – they are stocked locally at a few different spots and also at Harvey Nicks across the country because they really are that good!

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