Monday, 26 September 2016

Local Eat Treats #40 Hake, Horns and Hoops at The Daneway Inn

Emma Bradshaw, a fellow blogger over at Bradshaw & Sons, has recently started a new adventure with her family at the Daneway Inn. So we popped over one Friday evening with Sarah and Adam of Lewis Loves to check it out.

Right in the countryside, in a little village called Sapperton, you can be sure of a phone-free meal here as there’s no signal whatsoever. Bliss.
This place feels so homely what with a giant fireplace (not that we have one of those), a piano (nor one of those), a relaxed feel (check) and a right good selection of comfort food (yep!).

Sitting in the bay window, we all made a strategic decision to skip starters and go straight for mains (in a bid to fit in dessert), but I must say, with baked camembert featuring on the menu, I think I should’ve questioned our approach. I have no excuse - perhaps I had a moment of madness!

Usually the cost of a dish has some bearing on what I choose, but at this place, every single dish was really reasonably priced - you’re basically talking a tenner each. I had the chicken, mushroom, apple & cider casserole which is served with a board of bread and butter (which I was kind enough to share because the casserole itself was a good-sized portion). Being a Friday night, Kingsley had the ale-battered hake and chips and Adam the smoked haddock fishcakes which are served with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and chips of course. Sarah had the winner for me with the butternut squash risotto. I’ve always loved a good risotto and this one was right up there. She didn’t even eat it all because she was full and had I not been suffering the same problem myself, I would have dived right into her leftovers! 

To make some room, we then played on the horn and hoop game. As the name suggests, this involves throwing a small hoop over a horn (which has obviously been well-used over the years as it is taped and nailed together). The other three all took their time but all succeeded in the end, but after just a minute or two, I’d managed it! Smug doesn’t even begin to explain the feeling. We spoke to Emma and apparently this game has been played in this pub for at least twenty or thirty years and the old landlord was a dab hand at it!

Having made room, we ordered dessert. Between us, we tried the homemade brownie with blackberry ice cream and the apple & blackberry crumble with lashings of custard. I’d usually opt for ice cream but that jug of custard made me feel all warm and autumn-y inside.

I hear Emma is getting a shepherd’s hut in and so in the not too distant future there will be accommodation and camping on site – which would mean just a short stumble to bed rather than a drive home. Now, that could be fun with a group of friends!

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