Monday, 12 September 2016

Coffee Break #29 Brew & Bake Pop-up at Aquavitae

Not long ago, we finally got round to visiting the Brew & Bake pop-up restaurant which you can read about here and then, as pop-ups do, Brew & Bake popped-up at Aquavitae, and the good news is, they’re staying put for quite a while.

You can find them there every day (during the day), serving food, coffee (and the like) and mighty fine cakes. Oh, and the bar is open too so if coffee isn’t quite cutting it, you can have a G&T!

So having been invited in by Mark (the talent behind Brew & Bake), I booked in for a Friday lunchtime to kick-start the weekend. Kingsley had to back out at the last minute so I had a lunch-date with my dad (and Mum gate-crashed for a bit too). Unusually, the sun was shining, so we took the opportunity to sit outside and watch the world go by.

As we flicked through the menu, I was dead impressed. I was expecting to choose from a few sarnies and a cake or two, but they had sharing boards, salads, small plates, flatbreads, sliders, open sandwiches, scotch-eggs, sausage rolls, soup, sides and even a specials menu. And that’s without even mentioning their bar full of homemade cakes and slices!

I was tempted by the Falafel Flatbread on the specials menu which came with humus, slaw, minted yoghurt and dukkah; Dad was sold by the mere mention of rare beef on an open sandwich.

We stayed sober and I supped on an iced fruit cordial whilst Dad had a latte, I was also very happy to see they have a water station you can help yourself to, as I get through gallons of the stuff. No really I do!

Our lunches arrived and we dived right in and even shared a bite of each other’s. Dad’s came with roasted tomatoes, smoked aioli, horseradish and rocket, and although I’ve always disliked horseradish sauce, this one was super creamy and I absolutely loved it. Mine was wonderful, a great combination of flavours and a very colourful board of food too! The only way it could have been any better was with a serving of grilled halloumi (because who doesn’t love a bit of squeaky cheese?!).

We’d heard all about Mark's cakes, so it would have been rude not to stay for a slice, so up to the bar we went to choose from six absolutely amazing looking – and sounding – cakes and slices. Had this been an eating challenge, I’d have happily tried all six, but seeing as it was simply lunch, we chose one each. I lie actually, I chose for Dad too, based on the ones I wanted to try the most! So between us, we had the most humongous slice of cake you ever did see - Dark Chocolate Ganache cake. And we also had the one Brew & Bake are known for which is their Salted Caramel Pecan Slice. Wow-zers! I can definitely see why people rave about this one! As for the Dark Chocolate Ganache, Dad – who is borderline diabetic – ate his way through nearly the whole wedge and had a huge smile on his face afterwards!

I will definitely be returning here, it’s the perfect spot for a lunch with friends or even a coffee and a slice of naughtiness.

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