Monday, 22 August 2016

Something a Bit Special #13 The Great Tradition of Strawberry Picking at Over Farm Market

I always remember going strawberry picking as a child and I loved it. Picking as many strawberries as possible without a thought for how much they might cost (that was Mum and Dad’s problem), and looking forward to dipping them in a bowl of sugar at home and scoffing as many as I could in one sitting.

As a grown-up, I no longer dip them in a bowl of sugar (only because Mum and Dad no longer pay for my trips to the dentist – or my sugar!), but I’m more than happy eating my way through a punnet-full, just as they come.

This year, my annual picking-fest took place at Over Farm Market where they have both strawberries and raspberries ready and waiting!

They really do make it as easy as possible here. I didn’t have to trudge across the fields looking for the ripe strawberries because they had arrows to follow and a big flag to mark the point where it’s best to pick from. And there is absolutely no bending over involved. All of the strawberries are up on table tops to make picking a little less strenuous.

Of course, the other great thing about going to Over Farm Market is that when you’re paying for your berries, you can also pick up some fabulous local produce. I know it doesn’t go very well with strawberries but I took the opportunity to stock up on a couple of bottles of Tubby Tom’ sauce. This is hot sauce like no other!

Now excuse me whilst I eat some more strawberries…

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