Monday, 15 August 2016

Eating Out and About #14 Thursday’s Supper at The White Horse in Duns Tew

What do you call your evening meal? For me it’s dinner, but I know many people call it supper. I went to uni with a girl who called it tea, but that never seemed a very sufficient word for a meal that would supposedly keep you going until breakfast time. Supper for some is an extra meal, a snack shall we say, between dinner and bed. The White Horse at Duns Tew serves up a supper menu (which changes daily) and I can tell you, it is most definitely not a light bite to be had just before bedtime; there is no way you could possibly leave this place hungry, even after just one course!

Duns Tew is a village in the Cotswolds, not far away from Bicester. Driving out from Cheltenham, passing Stow-on-the-Wold, Chipping Norton and then some, we were definitely ready for our fill upon arrival!

So this place, as I’ve mentioned, changes the menu daily, which I love; you know you’re getting the freshest and most seasonal produce that way. It also means they are constantly working with new ingredients and flavours in the kitchen, so no two nights, whether you’re behind the scenes or dining in the restaurant, will be the same.  

To start, I ordered the burrata, North Aston tomatoes and basil. Oh. My. God. I’ve often wondered what the difference is between mozzarella and burrata and now I know. Mozzarella is great, but burrata is the best; quite possibly my favourite cheese in fact. It is milky and buttery and the cream and curd oozed out as soon as I cut into it. Simply gorgeous.

Kingsley too was in his element with Korean style chicken wings. They were a taste explosion. So good were they that if you go to this restaurant, you must try the wings, even if they’re not on the menu, request them. You won’t find better wings anywhere! I kept leaning over the table for a bite! Thank goodness the portions were generous, otherwise I wouldn’t have got a look in!

For mains we both went for something a bit different to what we’d usually choose. The patty melt was something I’d never heard of before, and as soon as burger, ciabatta and cheese was mentioned, that was me won over. So what is a patty melt I hear you say. Well it’s one of these things the Americans came up with which is basically a burger sandwich, so rather than coming in a bun, a meat patty is served between two pieces of bread with cheese and traditionally, caramelised onions, although not in this case. The stand out component here was the ciabatta bread, crusty and chewy all at the same time. It was served with fries, but I’m more of a chunky-chip sort of girl, and that would have just made it for me.

Kingsley went for the grilled marinated pork chop, peppers, smoked paprika, green beans and fried duck egg. The Bedrock portion of pork got the thumbs up as well as being cooked perfectly, but the green beans had gone amiss and peas appeared instead.

We really should have stopped after two courses as our tummies were groaning, but in the interests of writing a well-rounded blog post, we suffered on and ordered a pud each. I’d already bagsied the lemon soufflé pot, strawberries and shortbread so Kingsley had the chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream. Mine was a chilled soufflé and was thankfully quite a light ending to a very indulgent meal, I can’t say the same for Kingsley’s brownie but he managed to finish it all off nevertheless.

Our favourite thing about this restaurant - besides the starters - was its homely feel. It would certainly be a good spot to return to on a cold winters night when you can cosy up in front of the fire and see what’s for dinner…I mean supper!

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