Monday, 13 June 2016

Something a Bit Special #11 A Feast with Nanny Violet

Last year, Jodie and Shaun of Nanny Violet’s Jams kindly sent me a selection of their jams to try out; so we had an epic breakfast which you can read about here. I enjoyed their fruit jams so much, I ordered a few jars to have for breakfast on the morning of our wedding – now that is high praise indeed!

So it seemed most fitting that upon our return from a belated honeymoon, we had a gorgeous parcel waiting for us, sent from the Forest of Dean from the lovely grandchildren of Nanny Violet - Jodie and Shaun.

In the name of always keeping this blog fresh, I didn’t think I should do the whole jams, pastries and fresh bread thing again (as much as I’d have loved to), so I decided to do a cream tea and cook up a huge batch of scones ready to slather on plenty of jam and cream!

As I was unpacking our wonderful parcel, I noticed we had a couple of savoury pots – relishes one might call them - so I added to the grand plan and cooked up some burgers which would then be followed by cream tea (yes, I can eat a lot!).

The two relishes were Spicy Sweetcorn and Tomato and Chilli which finished the burgers off nicely; we all did a half and half concoction as none of us could settle on just one relish. The Spicy Sweetcorn won for me – just because it was so different to anything I’ve had before. I shall definitely be ordering a large pot of that ready for summer BBQs.

After that, the scones went in t’oven and I set up ready for the next feast. Accompanying our scones we had double cream from local organic milk farmer Jess Vaughan (which by the way is heavenly); oh and we also had a gin and tonic each!

Claire made a grab for the traditional option of Strawberry & Champagne, while Kingsley went for the Kiwi followed by Orange & Whiskey. As for me, well I messed up, my foodie prowess was obviously affected by the gin I’d consumed. I tried the Fig & Basil followed by Apple & Pear and they just didn’t taste quite right on a scone with cream. Well, I soon found out why when Kingsley actually took the time to read the labels on the pots:

‘These are chutneys Roseann, you’re meant to eat them with cheese and crackers, not a cream tea!’

Phew! I knew there was a reason they didn’t taste quite right, so I quickly pushed those scones to one side and made some more ‘normal’ ones, my first being Blueberry.

So, because of my little blunder, this meant we had to then get some cheese and crackers in and have another feast (on another day though I might add). It was then that those chutneys really came into their own. The best chutneys I’ve ever tasted. If I had to choose a favourite it would be the Fig & Basil but that’s only if I really had to choose, I’d happily devour both, with plenty of cheese of course!

I told you it was a feast right?! And please tell me I’m not the only person ever to have put chutney on a scone?!

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