Monday, 30 May 2016

Local Eat Treats #34 Bloggers Bank Holiday Lunch at TANK

To kick off the bank holiday weekend, I headed over to Gloucester to meet up with Adam and Sarah of Lewis Loves for a late lunch at TANK followed by dessert at Guru Coffee House. I know. We’re greedy - but we don’t care!

I’d already looked at the menu online (obviously), which was a good idea, as it meant I didn’t take an age to choose! This place offers something for every occasion, whether you’re just after a light bite with a drink, some nibbles to share with friends or a full on meal – you can be sure you’ll be catered for.  

Being bloggers, we all wanted to order something different – for the photos of course! They do burgers and you can choose from a number of toppings, all served in a brioche bun; Adam kept it plain and simple and had the burger as it comes but upgraded his Skin-on Fries for Sweet Potato & Rosemary Fries. He also did the honours and worked his way through a flight of beer, seeing as it’s a place known for its beer and all that!

Sarah had a Woodland Mushroom pizza which is usually topped with mozzarella, woodland mushrooms (believe it or not), rocket and parmesan shavings, but the last two ingredients had gone amiss much to Sarah’s disappointment. We needn’t have worried though as we alerted the serving staff and a couple of minutes later plenty of rocket and parmesan shavings appeared on our table.

I ordered one of the toasties: Stilton, Caramelised Pear with Red Onion & Sage. It was the poshest looking toastie I’ve ever had, let me tell you – it was bloody lovely. It’s served as an open sandwich on a lightly toasted artisan baguette. I planned for this to be my main meal, so I also ordered a side of the skin-on fries.

For beer drinkers visiting this place (which is probably everyone bar me!), their menu recommends a beer match for every dish, which I really liked the idea of.
They do cater for the non-beer drinkers too. Sarah and I both had half a pint of the Bramley Cider which is made by Gloucester Brewery and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s a very easy cider to sup on, I would have been quite happy sitting there for a few hours with a couple of drinks – until dinner time in fact, when I’d have ordered one of their cheese boards! We couldn’t though as we had other places to visit and more food to eat!

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