Monday, 16 May 2016

Local Eat Treats #33 In My Element at The White Spoon for Sunday Lunch

Today we returned to The White Spoon for the first time since our visit when it opened last October which you can read about here.

I’ve left this restaurant, on both occasions, beaming from ear to ear. So what makes it so good? A number of things like sourcing locally, a bright and airy yet intimate dining room, an ever-changing menu, a fabulous wine list (and dessert wines) and of course excellent food. But what sets it apart for me, is all of these things coupled with the absolutely fantastic service and friendly feel. This time we were served by James who was the epitome of customer service at its best and we also got the chance to speak to Purdey Spooner – the other half of the business with Chris, the chef.  

We were welcomed in like old friends and seated right in the window overlooking St Mary’s church where we could watch people coming and going through the church yard.
We’d already made the decision to skip starters and have a main course and dessert, but we couldn’t go without the Plant Pot Bread served with Applewood Smoked Butter and Salted Butter.

And then, much to our delight, an extra course – an amuse bouche as they say - came out with compliments of Chris. This was Salmon with Rhubarb, Turnip and Caviar. In my thirty one years, I’ve not built up the bravery – or snobbery – to give caviar a try as yet, so I handed that over to Kingsley. I’d never have thought of putting rhubarb with a savoury dish, but it went surprisingly well.

I ordered a glass of my favourite wine to go with the roast: Viognier. I took the tiniest of sips and sat back in my chair in my element. It’s quite a pricey wine, but one I reserve just for special occasions - like Sundays!

And then, the main event arrived. Kingsley went for the beef and me the pork, and if you were wondering why there’s a humungous Yorkshire pudding on my plate, it’s because I asked for it, and the chef kindly obliged. Who says Yorkshire puds only go with beef?! Not me!

My first mouthful was of the buttery swede. I went all silent on Kingsley and looked at him and he couldn’t believe I’d got so excited about…swede – until he tried it himself that is.

Both the sirloin of beef and the pork loin are cooked sous-vide, making them ever so ever so tender; they really do melt in the mouth. I’m talking about our meals in singular rather than two separate entities as we kept passing forkfuls of meat over the table to each other (the crackling more begrudgingly so!).

The roast potatoes were the best we’ve had at any restaurant, so much so, that quote of the meal goes to Kingsley:

‘I can tell by these potatoes that this Dude does the best chips: Crispy and fluffy all at the same time.’

He may have said it a little too loudly; the other diners wondered why the hell we were talking about chips whilst scoffing down a roast dinner!

Kingsley had a basketball match to go on and play straight after dinner which ruled him out of dessert, and that humungous Yorkshire pudding meant I wasn’t able to partake either. But, if I did have room, I would have gone for the Dark Chocolate Parfait.

So, I guess our next visit to The White Spoon is going to have to involve chips, just to see if good roast potatoes really do mean good chips, as Kingsley says!

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