Monday, 9 May 2016

Coffee Break #27 Two of My Favourite Things Rolled into One at Suffolk Anthology

When Suffolk Anthology opened last year, I was so charmed by the idea of it. It’s an independent bookshop that also has a cafĂ© area serving up homemade cakes and coffee.

Like most book worms, I have an e-reader, but this shop made me want to thumb through the pages of a book once more and fill up my bookcases at home which are looking rather sad and empty!

What also caught my eye, were the homemade cakes on the counter top. There’s a gorgeous little courtyard out the back, but seeing as it was hail-stoning on our visit, we took a seat in the conservatory.

I wanted a slice of all the cakes, but I was reserved, and chose one: Ginger and Lime Cake. I was just about to order a hot chocolate when Helene, the owner, mentioned they have a (large) selection of herbal teas, including Three Mint Tea, so I pushed the boat out and went wild with said tea! Sophie, my bookworm-pal, ordered a cappuccino and a slice of Millionaire’s Shortbread.

Well, what a delightful place! I can see myself whiling away quite a few hours in there; choosing books to fill my rather empty looking bookcases and eating cake at the same time of course!

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