Monday, 11 April 2016

Coffee Break #26 Warming Up in the Café Bar at Wesley House

One drizzly day we found ourselves in Winchcombe for a wander. It’s a place that’s so near to us and yet, we’ve never stopped-off there, just driven through.

I think we popped into or looked through the window of every shop, bar and restaurant, making notes of places to visit in the future – The White Hart Inn is one such place. The restaurant looks right up our street and I’ve heard lots of good things about the food. We also managed to get our hands on some venison from the butcher’s ready for a beef and venison pie.

Before we headed home, we stopped at Wesley House, which is a wine bar and grill by night and a café bar by day. We’d had a big breakfast so didn’t look at the lunch menu; instead we both ordered a hot drink and picked a slice of cake to go with it. They had plenty of choice with three or four mahoosive cakes to choose from, along with muffins and brownies too (all baked locally).

I had a hot chocolate and a slice of carrot cake and Kingsley had a latte and a slice of the coffee & walnut cake.

Winchcombe is such a beautiful place, I’ve decided that if we ever move to the country (yes I’m such a towny that Winchcombe is very much classed as ‘the country’) – this will be the place.

P.s Check out Kingsley's huge cake-hole on one of the photos below


  1. Such a lovely post, Winchcombe looks like a nice place to visit. That café you went in sounds really cool too, their cakes look beyond amazing, and I love your photos. Have a great weekend! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog