Monday, 21 March 2016

Something a Bit Special #8 Indian Cooking Made Easy with a Tyga Spice Box

You’ve most likely heard of a recipe box: A box that gets delivered to your home and inside are the ingredients you need to make a meal along with the recipe card. Well a Tyga box follows the same concept but rather than a recipe box, it’s more accurately described as a spice box; with all of the spices and pastes you need to make an Indian banquet (for eight) – or rather than feeding the neighbourhood – it makes two meals, each for four people. I was sent a Tyga box to try out and here’s what I thought…

To start with, the Tyga box is small enough to go through your letterbox, which is very appealing. It means you don’t need to worry about being in when it’s delivered. Inside the box are 12 pots of spice blends and pastes, as well as the recipe cards to make two main courses and two side dishes. On each recipe card is a list of the fresh ingredients needed to make the dish, and I was pleased to see that you need to purchase very little, and much of it, you’re likely to have in your fridge and cupboards anyhow.

So in the box we had, the spices and pastes made the following dishes: Lamb Dhansak, Chicken Dopiaza, Cumin Potato and Mushroom Bhaji. All of the recipes are put together by the Tyga chef, Shahin.

I’m not afraid of cooking – I love it – and I was a little worried that using the spice box would take the joy out of it for me, but in fact the opposite happened, I enjoyed it even more. The spice blends and pastes took the faff away - and meant less washing up to do – and the recipe cards were ever so easy to follow; plus we ended up with plenty of fabulous food which you can only get from home cooking – or by paying a chef to do the hard work for you in a restaurant.

You really can’t go wrong with a Tyga box, although I must confess, I did. The Lamb Dhansak is supposed to be slow-cooked in the oven, which I did, but only realised afterwards that it had been on the grill setting the whole time! We just cooked it again – and it certainly didn’t do any harm to the flavour. I noticed on their website they have Tyga tutorial videos where you can cook along with the chef, so for those that aren’t too confident in the kitchen or with Indian cooking, help is at hand.

Every recipe produces a flavoursome dish, and our favourites out of this box were the Lamb Dhansak and the Mushroom Bhaji.

You can purchase Tyga boxes from Tivoli Butchers, or even better, you can sign up online to receive them through your letterbox either once a month, bi-monthly or quarterly – at a cost of £10.99 per box.

Enjoy cooking! - And eating of course!

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