Monday, 28 March 2016

Eating Out and About #12 Somerset Fare for Breakfast at Huntstile Farm

We’ve just returned home from the most wonderful day spent at Huntstile Organic Farm in Somerset. We booked on to a sausage making workshop and upon Googling the farm, we saw they’d won an award for their breakfast, so we arrived early to indulge.

Huntstile is a working organic family farm – with rooms – run by John and Lizzie Ridout and as we parked up the car, I knew I was going to love everything about this place.

We took a seat in the Garden Room with beautiful views across the farm and helped ourselves to juices, toast, pastries and the papers - don’t forget the papers, isn’t it such a luxury to sit and read the papers over breakfast on a weekend?

Lizzie and John are very passionate about the food they serve and try to produce much of it themselves, as well as sourcing some locally. The bread they serve is full of flavour, and the preserves too; that’s what I had for my ‘starter’ along with freshly squeezed orange juice.

There isn’t a long-winded menu for breakfast and neither is there a restrictive one, in fact there isn’t a menu at all, you just simply ask for what you’d like and they will try their best to accommodate you. We both opted for a bit of everything – the Full English.  

By having breakfast there, we had a sneak preview taste of the sausages which we would be making later that day, they are made by Martin at Greenway Farm. Served with the sausage was bacon, mushrooms, a grilled tomato and a perfectly poached egg, so perfect that all future poached eggs will be rated against it. I’m also going to sing the praises of the mushrooms and grilled tomato, because they weren’t just cooked up and served like most other breakfast places would do, they were beautifully seasoned, sautéed and what not.

For our breakfast ‘dessert’ we tucked into an almond croissant each. The most spectacular looking croissant either of us had ever come by I must say, and as I tore into it and started tucking in, I soon realised that no other croissant could ever live up to this one!

If you’re in the area or travelling up or down the M5 one morning, this place is only 10 minutes from junction 24 and is well worth a trip for a bloody good breakfast.Bottom of Form


  1. :D So glad you had a good day! Rocky (our black lab) was trying to hypnotise you to pass over the sausage...through the window!
    Hope to see you again soon x

    1. Aww Rocky! I don't think he liked me much - he did the best ever puppy dog eyes but they didn't work on me. I love my food too much!

  2. This place looks excellent. I cannot wait to go now. Looks like their sausage making days are all booked up, so think I will wait until they release new dates.

    1. Email them as they may have dates that aren't on the website yet, that's what we did. We booked it about 3 months in advance!! Was a fab day.