Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Bestest #2 Places that Help You to be Healthy

As much as I love all types of food, I do try to have a good balance in my life and eat nutritiously and healthily the majority of the time. However, sometimes eating really healthily can be a right faff, can’t it? All that chopping, preparation and lots of trips to the shops to ensure everything is fresh, it would be so much easier to nip down to the chippy for dinner!

So it’s really good to know that there are healthy options readily available out there, whether you’re on the go or eating out; and the really good news is, these places don’t just exist in London, we actually have some right here in little and lovely Cheltenham!

First of all, my favourite place to go to eat out – completely guilt free – is The Core in Charlton Kings. Their website mainly shouts about their juices and juice programmes but it’s their food menu I’d like to drawer your attention to. It’s so refreshing to have a place that offers not just one or two healthy eating options, but rather, all the options are healthy. I’ve gone there a few times now for breakfast and brunch and can highly recommend their Superfood Bowls (especially The Nutty Bowl) and also the Avocado on Toast (with a poached egg of course). So if you’re trying to be healthy but still want to meet up with a friend, this is the place to go for breakfast, lunch or even a drink and a cake - yep, they do healthy cake! You can read about one of my visits here.

Applebar is a fantastic place for those on the go or those wanting something warm but healthy on their lunch break. Hannah, the owner, cooks up a delicious soup every day and she always posts the concoctions on social media and they never fail to make my mouth water. This place definitely wins in terms of the most imaginative flavours for their juices and smoothies. You often see the same flavour combinations at most juice bars, but Hannah really does offer something a bit different. You can read about one of my visits here.

If you are looking to kick-start your healthy lifestyle or perhaps give a boost to an already healthy way of life, then Not Just Juice has a juice programme which acts as a detox and can be followed for just a day or, as recommended, for 3-5 days. I know that many people have their own juicers at home now, but, not everyone does, the ingredients can be costly and the preparation takes time, so this is a fab and faff free way of doing a detox. You simply collect the juices and off you go. I did a detox day at the beginning of the year and you can read about it here.

I often post pictures of food and smoothies we’ve made at home which are healthy and some include ingredients that aren’t readily available in most supermarkets. Because of that, I often get asked where these ingredients are available. There are a few shops around and we’re starting to get fussy with what we get from where (it’s so hard being a food snob) but if you want a one-stop shop for all your superfood and healthy ingredients then Whole Foods Market is your answer. You can grab a juice from their Juice Spa whilst you’re there, just like I did here.


  1. Such a great idea for a post, and I love all the food photos they look positively delicious!! :-) xx

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