Thursday, 21 January 2016

Local Eat Treats #27 Another Home Delivery, This Time from Real Burger

Last month, I did a blog post on Deliveroo which you can read here. And well, on a very rainy Saturday afternoon in January when there was nothing better to do than eat, we decided to get another take-away from them.

Now, as much as I love Real Burger, we were actually planning on ordering in a Paparrito’s – which serves excellent Mexican burrito’s - but they don’t open their Deliveroo delivery slots in advance and neither do they cater for deliveries over the lunch-time rush; so having held out in hope until gone 3pm, our tummies would wait no more, and we ordered from our good, old, trusty favourite.

Real Burger is an indie, and is a cut above any of the fast-food burger chains and late-night eateries around town. The difference is they care about the food they serve and cater for people like me who wouldn’t even consider going near a certain big fast-food chain other than for a toffee sundae! Yep sorry, I am a self-confessed food snob, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like burgers and chips! Their chips are all hand-cut and their burgers are all real i.e. they use 100% pure, grass fed Gloucestershire beef, finest chicken fillets and freshly baked bread.

I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even need to look at the menu to order. I have a particular favourite called the P.B.J which has peanut butter, raspberry jam, bacon and hot sauce in it - it’s a party in the mouth, let me tell you! Kingsley chooses a different burger each time, and today he went for the Old School burger - the 8oz option of course because he loves his meat - which has burger sauce, burger relish, griddled onions and cheese slices. He likened it to the burger you’d ideally like to be served up when you go for a BBQ: All the right trimmings, nothing too fancy, nothing missed off.

We shared a large portion of hand-cut chips (they are generous enough for two) and a side of coleslaw, which is homemade also, but this time had a little bit too much mustard in for my liking; Kingsley had no qualms in eating nearly all of it to himself though. Maybe I should explain…there’s nothing wrong with mustard, nothing at all, apart from I had my first ever bout of food poisoning (about a decade ago now but the memory has stayed with me) after eating a bowl of salad with honey mustard dressing on it and well, me and mustard haven’t liked each other since then.

I think for our next Real Burger, I’m going to be a bit adventurous and try a different burger – just so I don’t get too stuck in my ways. I really like the sound of the Lamb & Mint or Curry Chicken Fillet Burger served with tikka spices, garlic, mayo, coriander and mango chutney! If we’re feeling really piggish we’ll also order some of their onion rings – which are amazeballs by the way!

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