Monday, 25 January 2016

Coffee Break #23 Keeping out of the Cold with a Deluxe Hot Chocolate at Café Moochoo

You know those days when everything is frosty, and you look out the window and thank God it’s a Saturday and you don’t have to get out there and defrost the car to rush off to a meeting?! Well what better on those days than to wrap up all warm and toasty in loads and loads of layers and your biggest and cosiest coat in search of a welcoming place serving hot drinks and cakes aplenty?

Café Moochoo is based on The Strand part of the High Street in Cheltenham. Their window entices people in with an array of cakes and tray bakes all made at Moochoo.

The Deluxe Hot Chocolate took our fancy, so we both had that, and we had a large one too because we planned on nattering for quite a while – as girls do! And to accompany our drinks I had a slice of Coffee & Walnut cake and Sophie had a slice of their Lemon & Coconut cake.

It was just a spot too early for lunch (well it was when we first arrived), but I was really pleased to see Bagel with Cream Cheese on their menu; a favourite of mine as it reminds me of many a coffee stop-off when we went to Canada on holiday.

I love the intimacy of Café Moochoo and the fact that all their food is made by them, on site. Thumbs up from me and here’s to more fresh days, thermals, hot chocolate and cake!

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