Saturday, 16 January 2016

Coffee Break #22 A Healthy Start to the Year at Wholefoods Juice Spa

New year, new me. Blah, blah, blah.

Every year, I make a New Year’s resolution and pretty much every year, I do actually stick to it (unlike 92% of the population). This year, my goal is to take better care of myself, which in part, involves eating nutritiously and feeding my body what it needs to be healthy.

I’ve walked pass the Juice Spa at Whole Foods in Cheltenham many a time. They make all of their juices in-store and they’re all 100% natural (that’s the important bit to me); many people think that all juices are good for you, but lots of them are packed with sugar with a very small amount of real fruit and veggies in.

They have juices to go, or you can select your own ingredients and have it made especially for you. They also have a host of superfoods you can add in at 50p each to give you an extra boost.

We chose a juice each: Triple Green and Very Berry. And we also had a ‘potion’ each which I would liken to a shot of goodness with specific results dependent on their ingredients. We had the Mood Boost and Skin Glow.

I really enjoyed both of our juices, which were both very different in flavour. The Skin Glow potion was very much like an apple juice and my Mood Boost (containing goji juice, raw cacao powder and organic cherries) can only be described as a black forest gateaux in liquid (and healthy) form. As to whether it actually boosts mood or not, I don’t feel I can comment seeing as I drank it on a Saturday evening when all was right with the world; perhaps I’d notice more of a difference if I drank one on a Monday morning whilst sat at my desk with five whole days of work left to go until the weekend!

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