Thursday, 3 December 2015

Local Eat Treats #22 Roast Dinner with Two Yorkshire Puddings at The Swan at Coombe Hill

It’s not often I get out for Sunday roast but as I get older the craving for a roast with all the trimmings is becoming more frequent. And when I say all the trimmings, I mean – ALL the trimmings. I’ve never really understood this rule of beef goes with Yorkshire and turkey with cranberry sauce. Actually, I think you’ll find Yorkshire puddings go with absolutely all roast meats and cranberry sauce doesn’t go too bad with most of them either.

The place of choice for this Sunday roast was The Swan at Coombe Hill and knowing how the British love their roasts, I booked our table two weeks in advance! Every table was taken up on the day – so I’m glad I did play it safe.

We went straight in for the main course opting to have dessert over starters, but had I been on a really greedy day and having all three, I would have gone for the Grilled Goat’s Cheese and Roasted Beetroot, because I am a sucker for goat’s cheese.

I was impressed with the options available; with four roast meats on offer: Beef, Pork Chicken and Lamb and then a fish dish and a vegetarian dish of Cauliflower Cheese Tart. Yum! In an ideal world I would have had Slowroasted Lamb and the Slowroasted Belly of Cotswold Pork, but seeing as it wasn’t a carvery, I stuck to the menu – kind of – and went for Slowroasted belly of Cotswold Pork with crispy crackling. On the side, I ordered a Yorkshire pudding, because without one it doesn’t count as a roast, it’s just meat and two veg – in my humble opinion.

Our meals were served in no time at all which was fantastic, but it took all of about two seconds to notice the roast potatoes were missing from our plates! Cue sheer panic from the two of us (I’m glad it’s not just me that reacts to the lack of very important foods in that way). The waitress – to be fair – was equally as horrified, and within a minute, we had a bowl of crispy-on-the-outside-and-fluffy-on-the-inside roast potatoes on our table. They came up trumps on my side order of Yorkshire pudding, delivering not just one but two big ones just for me! I was in my element. My belly of pork was deliciously tender and the crackling was sublime – they know how to do it well.

For dessert, yet again, they had a great selection, with five choices to whittle down. We both went very traditional with the Spiced Apple Crumble served with custard. It was a really generous portion, and had I not had two Yorkshire puddings I might have been able to polish it off, but unfortunately I had to leave a smidgen, which is very unlike me.
A fabulous spot for a Sunday roast, with plenty of choice, and most importantly – yummy food; somewhere I’d happily return to.

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