Sunday, 27 December 2015

Coffee Break #21 Getting Over the Christmas Binge at The Green Coffee Machine

It’ fair to say that the last few days – actually, who am I kidding - the last few weeks have been one big binge! This morning was supposed to consist of a ‘wildlife walk’ out at Daylesford Farm with lots of fresh air and a chance to stretch our legs; but upon opening the blinds, the rain was pelting down, so we opted for a walk up to the local coffee shop for some breakfast instead of heading out to the country.  

The Green Coffee Machine is just opposite the Cheltenham train station and they have their very own blend of coffee. In fact, they’ve got quite a name for their coffee expertise and even run barista classes each month.

Having lived off cooked breakfasts for a few days now, I opted for a much healthier option with the Granola, Natural Yoghurt and Honey and Kingsley had a Pain au Chocolat with a latte.

It was lovely having hosted guests over Christmas, to take a seat and have someone else serve me and do the washing up too.

The Green Coffee Machine is quite a hive of activity what with people coming and going with the train station just opposite. It’s one of those places you can sit with a drink and watch people come and go. They open first thing and stay open till early evening, serving paninis and soups during the day, and of course, there’s usually a cake or two to choose from. They even have a live feed of train times available for those waiting.

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  1. The availability of a live feed of train times is a really good idea. Perfect cafe. :)