Saturday, 7 November 2015

Eating Out and About #21 A Casual Lunch at The Suffolk Kitchen

The Suffolk Kitchen is a place we’ve been to for dinner, for Sunday roast, and it’s also a place that’s on my radar for brunch (although I haven’t tried it yet); but never before had I considered it as a place for a casual lunch.

There were just a couple of other groups in there, having a leisurely lunch, nattering away and perusing the wine list – it certainly made for a very laid-back atmosphere, perfect for a Saturday.

The lunch menu is a real mix of salads, risottos, seafood, steak and mezzes as well as sandwiches for those wanting something more, well, lunch time-ey!

We were served by Simon Davies, the owner, who also owns Moka Coffee House on the same road.  We had just one course each – we’re not usually so restrained as you know - but we’ve got to have some sort of self-preservation with all this food blogging, otherwise we could very easily balloon!

Last year we holidayed in Lille for during the Braderie de Lille which is a huge festival where moules frites are served by the bucket load, and they even build ‘moule mountains’ with all the left over shells! So, when I scanned the menu and saw Mussels and Fries, I knew Kingsley would be tucking into that. Simon’s philosophy is to source the best seasonal and most local produce he can, so seeing as Cheltenham isn’t by the coast, these were Cornish mussels, cooked and served in a white wine and garlic cream sauce. Kingsley worked his way through the whole lot before I was even half way through mine; I think he was expecting a bucket like in Lille, but I did try to explain The Suffolk Kitchen isn’t really the kind of place that serves food in buckets! Anyhow, he was very pleased when I pointed out a few fries hiding beneath the bowl on his plate – any one would think I never feed him!

I had the Fish Finger and Tartare Sauce Sandwich on brown bread, it usually comes with homemade crisps and salad, but I asked to swap the crisps for some chunky chips – because how could I sit there and watch the boy eating chips if I had none of my own?!

Let me tell you, those fish fingers had the lightest batter, they were bloody lovely, and the chunky chips were so chunky they were almost like roast potatoes which suits me down to the ground: Crispy on the outside and all fluffy on the inside. Mmmmm. I always find with chunky chips that you get a neat little stack of them – with the emphasis on little – but I’m pleased to say I had enough to let Kingsley have a bite – just a bite though, they were too good to share any more than that!

A well as brunch, lunch and dinner, TheSuffolk Kitchen regularly puts on wine tasting events and I also sneaked a peek at their Christmas menus. With something for all tastes and budgets, this fabulous restaurant offers something for everyone.

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