Saturday, 17 October 2015

Coffee Break #19 Trying Out the New Dish at Boston Tea Party

With a few days off work, I’ve been able to while away time on Facebook. And whilst doing so, a picture of a dish that sounded right up my street, popped up on my news feed from Boston Tea Party. With bare cupboards, I thought it was the perfect excuse to pop into town and try it out.

So what is it? Sweetcorn Hash served with Halloumi, Poached eggs, Avocado and Tomato Salsa. If you’re taste buds are similar to mine, that dish will appeal to you purely on the basis it’s served with squeaky cheese! Anything served with halloumi gets the thumbs up from me. But honestly, it was all so good. The Sweetcorn Hash is part of their brunch menu which is served all day and all the elements of the dish came together brilliantly. The sweetcorn hashes were fabulous: Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle and as you’d expect, the poached eggs were cooked perfectly. I had this for lunch and it kept me full pretty much all day long! I had the obligatory fresh orange juice served in a jam-jar mug to wash it all down.

Kingsley had the somewhat more unhealthy option with their Reuben Toasted Sandwich; this is made with salt beef, pickles, gruyere cheese and Dijon mustard. He argued that as it was just a sandwich he would have to order a side of chips too – so there went my idea of a healthy lunch out together! I looked at his chips when they arrived and I seriously wanted to face plant them. I have been really quite healthy of late, so any sort of fast food makes me salivate at the mere mention of it, let alone being less than a metre away from me! Kingsley said the salt beef didn’t quite measure up to that of Nana Fanny’s at Borough Market, but it must have been alright because he gobbled every last bit, plus all the chips.

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