Sunday, 4 October 2015

Coffee Break #18 Cake for Breakfast at The Enchanted Tea Room

I hadn’t ever heard of The Enchanted Tea Room in Cheltenham until my friend suggested we meet there for a natter. I thought I knew of all the local eateries, so it was a really nice surprise to hear of this place, and I immediately warned my friend I’d be bringing my camera long so I could do a bit of a write-up for Honeybourne Line.

The Enchanted Tea Room is down a little alleyway just off the High Street; and I must admit, I was one of those really annoying customers waiting eagerly outside for them to open the door at 10am sharp. Don’t you just hate those people?!

Once up the flight of stairs, ‘enchanted’ is the best word to describe this lovely, welcoming tea room. It’s like walking into a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, with beautifully laid place settings of vintage crockery and silverware.

We were brought the tea list, and being a fan of Earl Grey, I thought I’d try out its more subtle counterpart: Lady Grey. To go with my tea I asked for a slice of Chocolate & Almond Cake, because cake for breakfast is a thing! Daisy was wondering whether to go for the same cake as me or the Victoria Sponge, so I suggested she went for the Victoria Sponge on the premise that we could share each other’s because they both looked so damn good. Well, all I can say is, my sharing skills definitely need some work: Daisy cut me a lovely neat chunk of cake, and in return she got a pile of chocolate crumbs from me!

We both thoroughly enjoyed both of the cakes and our pots of tea. We managed to natter away for two hours and there was talk of a possible return visit for High Tea with Champagne!


  1. It was a great place for a relaxed natter!

  2. I love this place! After seeing your photo of victoria sponge I'm going to have to head back there next weekend to get a slice!